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How to Get Your Dream Job Fast

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Employment searching can be an exciting part of professional life, but most candidates agree: the shorter the search, the better.  

While the quest for a new gig can be energizing and rich with the prospect of possibilities, it can also cause a deep sense of upheaval. Change is equal parts thrilling and disorienting.

Launching a search that is strategic and focused can help you achieve your end goal more quickly.  

These strategies can help:

Refresh your brand

Market yourself for success, by strategically updating your candidacy package.  Review your Linkedin profile, resume and cover letter to ensure your materials represent you well, and that they’re circulation-ready.

TopResume offers Glassdoor users a complimentary resume review for those who upload their resume to the site.

Also, examine your social media presence through your professional lens. Ensure that the persona you’re projecting is smart, savvy and appropriate for a professional audience. You’re inviting employers to check out your persona on various platforms, so be mindful of everything you post while you are job hunting.  

Get Glassdoor ready

Your Glassdoor profile gives you the space to detail what you’re seeking in your next role. What you designate in your profile informs the search results that Glassdoor provides you. So take your time and populate your profile thoughtfully and completely. Next, upload your resume, so you’re ready to pounce when you find that perfect position.  

Then,  download the Glassdoor Job Search app, which alerts you to roles that suit you as soon as they post. This cues you to research reviews, salaries and feedback about the interview process in that corporate culture. If the role seems like a fit, apply instantly with a simple drag and drop of your resume.    

Activate your network

A survey conducted by Lou Adler, CEO of the Adler Group and author of the Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired, indicates that as many as 85 percent of new hires are secured through networking.

Follow that lead. Laura Handrick, HR Analyst with Fit Small Business recommends:  

“Use your own network. For one position I sent mail to all 300+ of my LinkedIn connections in a personal sort of tone that said something like the text below. Several contacted me and one even said how cool it was to hear from me, and how smart to use LinkedIn like this:

‘Many of you know me, and may be curious about what I’m up to. I’ve just left my role at xx company, and am looking for a job like ‘xx’. You know me best, and you also know that most job postings are known internally before they’re posted to an external website. So if you know of something that might be a good fit for me, I’d really appreciate your help if you’d reach out and give me a heads up, a recommendation or a link…’”

Make industrial waves

Many industries have professional societies, such as the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), that serve to advance scholarship and professionalism among those who work in that field. Handrick recommends actively engaging with these. She writes:

“Read, and most importantly POST and REPLY on blogs, not only to showcase your expertise, but when the topic calls for it, chime in with your ‘availability’. That’s how I got one of my best jobs ever – by replying to a LinkedIn post and finding out they had a job opening that needed exactly my skill set. Hired within 2 weeks.”


Showing that you have the enthusiasm and the moxie to forge a personal connection with the hiring manager can yields rewards. Chris Hawk, Recruiting Manager at Lyft recommends: “After you apply, search for the recruiter or hiring manager on LinkedIn and connect with them, with a quick note about how interested you are in the role.”

Kate Botler Kodesh, Head of Business Recruiting at Lyft, recommends fortifying your network by researching companies you’re targeting. Kodesh writes:

“Make a target list of dream companies and then start meeting people connected there – finding connections through your LinkedIn profile is a great place to start…even reaching out ‘cold’ with a quick note expressing interest in the company and connecting can be a good launching point.”

Use tools

Apps and gadgets make all aspects of life easier, including job seeking. Some to check out:

To supplement your search: Linkup pulls job postings directly from employers’ websites. It can be a helpful supplement to your Glassdoor search.

To organize your search: RAKE helps you track your job search efforts including where you’ve submitted resumes and when you need to follow up.

To nail your interview: The Resume Now boost helps you shape and practice your answers to common interview questions, building your savvy and confidence.

To apply easily: The Glassdoor Job Search app for iPad and iPhone makes it easier to apply for jobs using the new drag and drop feature included with iOS11. Drag and drop you resume from iCloud Drive or Box to apply to jobs or save for later.

Good luck! You’ve got this!


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