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How to Use Company Compare, Glassdoor's New Product

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated January 23, 2020
|2 min read

When you are job searching, do you have multiple internet browser tabs open to compare the companies you’re interested in? Do you toggle between tabs and windows in order to see which companies offer the best benefits, have high employee ratings and are hiring near you? You’re not alone.

Job searching can be tough, and downright dizzying as you try to size up potential employers. Glassdoor is here to help.

We’ve introduced Company Compare, an easy-to-use tool that allows you to compare companies faster and more efficiently. Close all of those tabs, and simply compare companies across the most important workplace attributes, including:

  • Overall company rating
  • Career opportunities
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Work-life balance
  • Senior management
  • Culture & values

Additionally, you can now more easily compare open jobs, salaries, “pros” and “cons”, and featured reviews for companies side-by-side. And of course, Company Compare is available in all 20 countries where Glassdoor has localized sites and apps and is available in seven languages.

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In today’s hot market, 71% of job seekers consider two or more offers before accepting a new job. Only Company Compare lets you evaluate your options across a comprehensive set of dimensions, so you can land the right job.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the Company Compare tool at
  2. Choose any two companies to compare using data only found on Glassdoor. Click "Compare Companies" to see the data-driven results.
  3. Alternatively, Google the names of two companies you'd like to compare. For example, "Boeing vs. Microsoft". Click on the Glassdoor search result.

Only you know which factors matter most in your next role or company. Finding the perfect fit could be about benefits like paid leave or learning & development opportunities, or the perfect company could be a matter of finding senior leaders with extraordinary vision and a roadmap for innovation. Whatever insights and information you're looking for, Glassdoor has all of the data, all of the insights and all of the roles to help you find a job and company you love.

Whether you’re weighing offers from two companies or kicking off your new year job search, use Company Compare to find the perfect fit for you.

Use Company Compare Today!

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