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INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook vs. Google: Talking Tech Talent

It’s no secret that Facebook and Google often compete for talent. If you’re looking at job opportunities at these two iconic tech companies, it can be tough to decide which company might be the right fit for you from a culture and compensation perspective. On one side, Facebook is currently leading the way in terms of social networking and has its much anticipated IPO coming up. But, on the other side, Google has solidified its place in Silicon Valley as the leading search engine and perhaps has gone through many of the growing pains of going public that Facebook has yet to go through.

To help shine a light on which company may be right for you, who better to turn to than the employees who work at these companies, along with recent job candidates who can dish on the interview process? In this Glassdoor infographic, see how Facebook and Google compare from an insider’s perspective:

See open Facebook jobs and Google jobs.

Tell us what you think – which company would you prefer to work for?