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INFOGRAPHIC: The Rise Of Mobile Job Search

153967692According to CTIA, U.S. wireless consumers sent and received an average of six billion text messages per day, or, 69,635 text messages every second. The trade association also reports that as of December 2011, 34 percent of American households were wireless-only.

In today’s world, mobile is our means of communication, the way we get information and how we stay current on the latest news locally and worldwide. While many people use mobile devices to send text messages, make calls, check in on Facebook, or do a number of other daily tasks, many also use mobile devices to help make career decisions.

In a survey out today from Glassdoor, 89% of employees who admit they’ll look for a new job in the next year say their mobile device is an important tool and resource for their job search. Plus, they’re not just turning to their mobile devices to look for jobs – more than half (54 percent) read company reviews from employees and 52 percent research salary information.

Highlights from the survey are captured in a new infographic that explores mobile job seeker behavior today and expectations for the future.

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