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Exclusive Interview: Luciana Caletti, Co-Founder & CEO of Love Mondays


Today, Glassdoor announced that we acquired Love Mondays, a fast-growing employer review and jobs site in Brazil. Like Glassdoor, Love Mondays provides user-generated company reviews, ratings and salary content, as well as job listings for more than 75,000 employers in Brazil. What’s even more exciting is the small but mighty team behind the site, led by co-founder and CEO Luciana Caletti.

On the eve of the announcement, I spoke with Caletti to get her thoughts on the acquisition, being a female founder CEO and the future of transparency for job seekers in Latin America.

GLASSDOOR: Congratulations and welcome to the Glassdoor family. How does it feel?

LUCIANA CALETTI: Thank you! It’s really exciting to be a part of the family. Glassdoor has always been an inspiration for us so it’s amazing to be a part of the team and to work with a team that has achieved so much. We’re delighted.

When you and your co-founders first got together, what was it that you felt Brazilians needed?

LC: We realized that Brazilian professionals really didn’t have any sources of information to make good career decisions. People would have to rely on knowing someone at the company so that they could ask for their opinion. So even in 2014 we saw that Brazilians were making career decisions in the dark, and we knew that it wasn’t good for the professional or for the company. For the individual, if you join a company where you don’t fit with the culture, you’re not going to be successful and you won’t be happy as a person. For the company, on the other hand, we know that companies spend a lot of time, money and resources on attracting, recruiting and training that professional but if they do not fit with the culture, the resources would have been wasted. We felt that having these reviews empowered professionals to make better career decisions and enabled companies to attract the right talent.

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Prior to starting Love Mondays, had you experienced the difficulties of job searching blindly in Brazil? Did you personally experience this professional pain point?

LC: When I joined Johnson & Johnson before I started Love Mondays, I really wanted to learn more about the company. This was my first post-business-school career decision. I actually used Glassdoor during that time to understand if Johnson & Johnson had the same values as I did, and to find out what other professionals thought of the company. So I understood the importance of reviews and company insights at that time in my own career.

In joining forces with Glassdoor, what is your goal? What will this partnership offer users in Brazil and Latin America?

LC: We are very confident that being acquired by Glassdoor will enable us to reach even more Brazilians and empower them to make even better career decisions. We know that in Latin America there is a lot of room for this type of service and professionals need it. Teaming up with Glassdoor, we see an opportunity to grow faster and to use the expertise and the experience of a team that we have always admired and that has inspired us. We’re really excited about the years ahead because we know that this partnership will bring a great opportunity to a wide range of Latin American professionals and also will allow companies in Latin America to attract great talent.

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What excites you about Brazil’s job market? What sectors in Brazil will really benefit from an expanded and stronger Love Mondays + Glassdoor?

LC: Overall, the Latin American market can benefit from innovation and disruption. The models that we see in the job market in Brazil and in Latin America as a whole are more classic models. There has been very little innovation over the last 20 years when job boards were launched in the region. This lack of innovation really enabled Love Mondays to grow fast. We see that as proof that both professionals and companies are keen to find new ways to make career decisions and attract professionals.

As a female co-founder and CEO of a major Brazilian startup, yours is a huge accomplishment. Does this deal have special meaning for you?

LC: I’m very excited and happy as any founder of a startup would be. We don’t see many female founders of tech startups, unfortunately, and in Latin America there are even fewer than in the U.S. So this is an amazing achievement. I would love to see more female founders starting great startups. This week, I am actually attending an innovation course at Stanford University and the course is organized by the VC that invested in Love Mondays. Out of 40 companies, there are only two female founders here. So I’d love to see more female founders in the tech startup space – everywhere.

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What advice would you give other women founders in startup space?

LC: Don’t let the numbers of women in the space bother you or prevent you from starting your own company. That would be my first advice. Secondly, for me it was really important to have other co-founders that had the same vision as me and share the same objectives. Having two co-founders that really are aligned with what we wanted to achieve was really essential. Sometimes I see sole entrepreneurs doing it all by themselves, and I really admire them. However, the team aspect was really important in my journey.

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