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5 Ways the New iPhone 7 Will Revolutionize Your Job Search

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Today, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 offering a first look at the device which will be available for preferred on September 16th. So naturally, the team at Glassdoor had to ask, “How will an iPhone 7 take my job searching to another level?”

If you’re on the hunt for a new gig, here’s why the iPhone 7 could be the ultimate job search wingman.

1. It’s water resistant.

For the first time in the iPhone’s history, the new phones are “water-resistant,” and have stereo speakers. So when you’re doing work by the pool or sending an email at the beach, you don’t have to worry that your phone will die if it hits H2O. However, before you go paddle boarding with your new phone, experts says you can expect it to withstand a shower, or quick immersion in a body of water, but it won’t be fully waterproof.

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2. iPhone 7 comes with a new iWork app.

iWork gets an upgrade by adding real-time online collaboration a la Google Docs and Microsoft Office. Edit that Keynote presentation on the run thanks to this new update which works across Macs, iPads, iPhones and web versions of iWork apps.

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3. It will provide a distraction while you wait for a recruiter to call back.

Apple is working with Nintendo to launch a brand new Super Mario game coming to iOS later this year. Super Mario Run, which can be played with one hand and comes with a battle mode, is a new release for the iPhone 7. You can play against players around the world. Take that, Pokemon Go!

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4. It has a longer battery life.

Gone are the days of getting to 13% battery life after a few SnapChats and a conference call or two. The new iPhone 7 boasts a longer battery life. On average, you can expect to get about two hours more from the iPhone 7 than you would have from the iPhone 6s, and about an hour more on the iPhone 7 Plus than you would from the iPhone 6s Plus.

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5. Lose those headphones.

As has been rumored all year, the iPhone 7 line does not have a standard headphone jack. In its place is a second speaker, giving the phone stereo sound, and Apple has developed a set of EarPods with a Lightning connector that will be included with the phone. Additionally, an adapter comes in the box so you can still use 3.5mm headphones with the device. Conference calls will sound better, and you won’t have to frantically untangle your headphones to accept a call from HR recruiters. Just breathe easy and calmly say, “Yes, I accept your job offer.” #Winning

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