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New Job? 5 Tips Learned From The Presidential Inauguration

Much pomp and circumstance surround the inauguration of the person elected to the highest office in the free world. As well it should be, considering the awesome responsibility that goes along with this office.

Your new job may not get as much press globally, however, there are some similarities that could have you feeling downright presidential. Consider these 5 tips on how to manage that ‘presidential feeling’ in a new environment and when everyone may not be a supporter:

1. You Receive Invitations to Commemorate the Occasion. No doubt, there will be a certain amount of celebration that goes along with earning your new position. Family, friends and other well-wishers in your circle will want to heap congratulations on you. If these take the form of dinner and drinks, use some self-control, especially, if said celebration happens the evening prior to your first day on the job. The last thing you want to do is show up with a headache (or worse) on your very first day “in office.” Consider taking rain checks on those invitations until you can sleep in the next day.

2. You Face Those Who Did ‘Not’ Support Your Candidacy. Like every newly-elected president, not everyone will be happy with your selection. Some will have wanted another candidate to fill your new post for reasons both personal and not so personal. While you may not have to work at impressing those who were in your corner from the outset, it will be incumbent upon you to win over those who opposed you. They may never see things your way or agree with much of what you do, but finding middle ground with this group will certainly bolster your standing companywide. This doesn’t have to mean giving in at every turn of disagreement. But, you should at least show a genuine interest in compromising when possible, especially when that compromise does not conflict with your core strategies for success. After all, even the mouse and the owl can agree on some things.

3. You Bask in the Glow. In a very short time, the shine of “new” will be gone and the real work will begin. Prepare for this eventuality by diving in as quickly as possible to get things done. The sooner you begin to make headway on projects that may have been left undone by a previous holder of your new position, the sooner you will gain the confidence of those who put their faith in your abilities to start with. Basking in the glow of your newfound success for too long will not accomplish the goals you were hired to achieve.

4. You Meet New Members of Your Cabinet. Take some time getting to know the members of your new staff. The earlier their strengths and weaknesses are discovered, the earlier you can begin making adjustments that will lead to future successes. This can range from giving additional guidance to replacement of those who may be lacking the skills necessary to come up to speed. This will also give your team a chance to familiarize themselves with your expectations, goals and desires.

5. You Feel the Weight of the World. Though it may feel like it at times, remember, the fate of the free world is not resting on your shoulders. So, relax and take a deep breath. Those who pushed for your ‘election’ had the confidence to believe you were the right ‘candidate.’ Prove them right and repay that confidence by employing the skills that made you the best choice.

As sure as our country’s success depends on the aptitude and leadership qualities of our new President, your company’s success depends on those same things from you. Above all else, provide these to the absolute best of your ability.