How I Got My Job

dv1492004Finding a job can feel like pretty lonely work. While many times in life you may have had coaches and a team of people directing and supporting you, the job search process – from applying to interviewing – is typically a solo sport. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hear about other people’s job search stories so you could approach the process with as much information as possible?

NickJarrettMeet Nick Jarrett, a recent college graduate from Utah. He’s an enterprise business intelligence developer today, but just over a year ago he was fresh out of university and looking to start his career. How did he get that job? Here is his story on how Glassdoor helped him find a job he loves.

Glassdoor (GD): What type of job were you looking for?

Nick Jarrett (NJ): Being a recent college graduate, I was searching for entry-level jobs in technology. I wanted to use my Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and was looking for a job in business intelligence, specifically.

GD: What was the biggest challenge you faced as you started your job search?

NJ: The hardest part of my job search was finding a company that met all of my requirements. That is to say, it was hard to find a company that offered me a good pay but was still somewhere that I would enjoy to work. Most of the companies with higher pay expected employees to work 60+ hours per week.

GD: What did you want to know when you were trying to find a job?

NJ: I was primarily concerned with learning how current and former employees felt about the company for which I was applying. I figured that if current and former employees enjoyed it, I would too.

GD: How did you approach your job search and how did Glassdoor help you find a job?  

NJ: First, I created a list of target companies. I determined these companies based on the availability of business intelligence jobs at each company. I then narrowed my list of companies by viewing salary information and company reviews on Glassdoor. Once I had a list of great potential companies, I applied for every job I could. My hope was to land a job at a great company.

GD: Now that you’re in the job, was it what you expected based on the research you did early on?

NJ: Yes, most of the company reviews I read were very accurate and a good representation of my current job environment. I have found that the reviews give me a far better picture of what working at a particular place might be like, as compared to just the impression I get from a recruiter/interviewer.

GD: Even though you’re not currently looking for a job, how do you use Glassdoor now?

NJ: I use Glassdoor to help plan my career path. I consider jobs that I may want in the future and use Glassdoor to figure out if I would enjoy that job and if it would increase my income. Finally, I read job descriptions on Glassdoor and figure out where I may need to gain more skills to be qualified for those jobs.

GD:  Thanks for sharing your story!

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