How I Got My Job: Following a New Career Path

Starting down a new career path can be overwhelming. What’s the pay like in a new field? How will interviewing be different? There are a lot of questions to answer when beginning a career transition.

366-Murphy(web)-1Meet Natalie Murphy. She’s a claims adjuster with a finance degree and is looking to transition to a more creative position and career. She turned to Glassdoor to help her understand the full employment picture in a new career including what her salary could be in a new field and what benefits are offered.  Here’s how Glassdoor has helped Natalie during her career transition to find a job she loves:

Glassdoor (GD): What type of job are you looking for and how are you using Glassdoor?

Natalie Murphy (NM): I’m currently using Glassdoor to look for a more creative position. I’m using Glassdoor to compare salaries and research company reviews and benefits information. This is extremely important to me because I am supporting myself financially and need to be efficient with my time. Glassdoor’s salary reports have helped me narrow down which companies to apply to so that I’m not wasting time filling out application after application and going on interview after interview for jobs that don’t even pay my basic expenses.

GD: How did you approach your job search?

NM: I first figured out exactly what kind of job I wanted and then reviewed the companies in my area that paid a salary in my pay range. From there, I narrowed it down to which companies had the best employee reviews and applied away!

GD: What was the biggest challenge you faced as you started your job search?

NM: The biggest challenge was to get the interview and then survive some pretty tough behavioral questions such as, “What would you do if a client is yelling at you, and they would not stop? How would you make them happy?” Fortunately for me, I used Glassdoor ahead of time and was prepared for the curve-ball questions.

GD: How did you find or first hear about Glassdoor?

NM: When I graduated college, I had to get serious about finding a job and becoming financially independent from my parents. So I did a search for company reviews, and Glassdoor was one of the websites that popped up. Once I became a member of Glassdoor, I discovered that it offers everything a job hunter wants to know: company reviews, interview questions, salary information, and now it offers a benefits section too. Since joining Glassdoor, I haven’t felt the need to use any other job sites for research because I trust Glassdoor and feel it is the best in the business!

Thanks for sharing your story, Natalie! Good luck!

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