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How I Got My Job: Finding a Company Culture You Love

Posted by Glassdoor Team

Career Advice Experts

April 16, 2014

personalconnectionsMeet Tom Batchelor. He’s a Pre-Sales Consultant at XebiaLabs. Cultural fit is important to him, so when he set out to find a new job, Tom used Glassdoor’s daily job alert emails and company reviews to find the company and position that was the best fit for him. While we always love to hear that, it’s more important for us to share Tom’s story in hopes of helping everyone find a job and company they love. Here’s how Tom found a job he loves:

“Actively starting a job search is something I personally dread. It's massively time consuming and a huge amount of effort goes into reading in between lines and trying to understand what prospective roles and companies are really like. Typically, I have worked through my network of former colleagues to find a new role, but this time that wasn't going to work. As my career grows, I'm much pickier about what I want to do next.

This time I focused on two sites for my search: LinkedIn and Glassdoor. LinkedIn would sometimes pick up some interesting roles, but I found those positions seemed much more in tune with what I had done, not where I was going now. Plus, any roles that popped up that were associated with people in my network I had already previously discovered from those people. Therefore, it didn't really add anything beyond my historical approach of using my own contacts.


Glassdoor was different. Setting up job alerts is more flexible, so it was easy to find out about the roles I wanted next. Also, the company reviews are extremely helpful. Glassdoor isn't a silver bullet, and there is still plenty of time to spend reviewing the information about jobs and companies that is available, but it does provide a great input into the initial company research. Using company reviews data, I was able to ask the right questions in initial discussions with recruiters, and ultimately, discount a couple opportunities that were not right for me. For example, rather than asking, ’Why are they looking for someone for this role?’ I could say instead, ‘I see there has been an attrition problem with this team, and I'd like to understand why that is.’

The timeline of my search ended up being shorter than I expected. Using the daily job alert emails, I was able to find a couple of strong roles within a few weeks, which I expected to take a few months. One of these worked out to be an exciting opportunity with a cool company with smart, and more importantly, friendly people.

In summary, using your professional network doesn't work all the time, and when it doesn't, the next best thing is Glassdoor because you get personal insight into companies where you don't have professional or personal contacts. To me, this is critical. I want to do my best work every day, and I can only do this working somewhere with a great cultural fit. Glassdoor provided me with the tools to figure out the fit part of the equation quickly, which saved me countless hours going down interview routes with companies I would ultimately not want to work for.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Tom!

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