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How To Get a Job Overseas

136753934Are you open to expanding your job search overseas? (I am imagining you nodding your head up and down.) If so, you might want to hop over to Google and search for opportunities in other countries and in other languages. You may be thinking, “Hey Jim, I only speak English.” Okay, maybe you’re not thinking that. Perhaps you are just sort of blinking your eyes and wishing I would hurry up and get to it. If so, okay.

Imagine that you are a recruiter based in Germany. More than likely, if you were posting a job it would be in German and on German sites. So, it stands to reason that there may be jobs you are missing out on by only searching in English. Make sense? Let me show you a couple of ways to find them. The first method is to use Google Translate to find translated keywords for your search.

In the search slot, add “sales and marketing jobs,” as I did; if that is not your skill set, type in something else. Make sure “English” (A) is entered as the phrase to be translated (assuming that is your native language) and that “German” (B) is the language you want your phrase translated to. (Google offers several languages for translation. Just fyi…)


Once you have your keyword or phrase entered in, Google instantly changes it to the German equivalent (as shown below).


Now do a search on the translated term. In this case, “vertrieb und marketing jobs.”


Both Google and Bing will display a link to translate the results. (See arrow?) Once you read the results, apply as per usual or… find an American office for that company and inquire that way. Easy peasy. At least, in theory, as I must confess to not ever looking for work overseas. If anyone reading this has had that experience, I would love to hear your reaction to this strategy.

Hmm… As I think of it, there may be an even easier way to do this. Google has several country specific domains. You can find a list of them here. To do the same search as before, I would visit As I am on a Chrome browser, Google asks me if I want to automatically translate Google from German to English?  I choose the “Translate” option.


Now when the search results are returned, they are automatically translated and presented as per normal. (See below) At first glance, I would think that these are the type of results I would normally get. However, a close look at the URLs and I see that they are all based in Germany as per the “.de” domain.


Okay, I feel like I am rambling a bit at this stage. Please do give this a go and let me know your progress? Please? Or rather, “bitte?”