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Job Recruiter Insights From Apple

Glenn Kwarcinski is a senior technical recruiter in the Wireless Technologies Division of Apple. I worked with Glenn at Electronic Arts, where I learned that if you wanted sharp insights, quick action and direct feedback, Glenn was your man. He is a true rock star recruiter who is the kind of person you want on your side in a job search. I asked Glenn 10 questions about interviewing, staffing, recruiting, resumes and about everything else in between and here is what he said:

The dumbest thing a candidate ever told me… “I like that you have showers on campus, because that is where I like to take my one night stands.”

I go the extra mile for a candidate when… They are upfront and honest (no sales jobs).

I prefer referrals because… I appreciate them, but do not necessarily prefer them.

The best way to turn a bad interview around isRecognize it, and ask to take a quick break to compose yourself.

My favorite source for great talent is… All of them – if you are great I will find you.

The optimal length of a resume is… 1-2 pages for a junior candidate, 3-4 pages for a senior candidate.

When I read a resume / profile I look for...  Concise, applicable content that speaks to both the candidate’s team and individual accomplishments.

I read the objective section of a resume because... It shows if someone knows how to represent their strengths and interests in a concise and articulate way.

I have never hired a candidate who…  demonstrated a lack of integrity.

The one thing I wish candidates understood is…. during the interview/offer process, the more transparent you are with me, the more I am able to address those things that are important to you.

We have one final recruiter in the Q&A series, and then we will start discussing what these responses mean for you and your job search.