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14 Job Search Tips Everyone Should Know

Posted by Sarah Greesonbach

Last Updated December 18, 2018

Getting a new job is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, with as many as 14 percent of people saying they’d like to change employers when they change their calendars.

Sound like you? If you’re ready for 2019 to be the year you finally find the right job, keep reading! We’ve curated 14 of the best job search tips from the past year to help you start your New Year’s job hunt off on the right foot, featuring advice from CEOs, celebrities and job coaches who know exactly what it takes to succeed.

1. Don’t wait until you have all of the qualifications to apply

“If you have all the qualifications you may actually be overqualified! Go ahead and apply if you have the core requirements.” —Jenn Lofgren, Incito Executive & Leadership Development

2. Explore your network — or make new connections — to get an internal referral 

"Companies always give preferential treatment to employee referrals. If you don't know someone there, then volunteering at a company's local charity event can also be a great way to meet people." —Carolyn Thompson, executive recruiter and managing principal at Merito Group

3. Make LinkedIn work for you

"Make your online network reflect your offline connections. Once you set up your profile, start connecting with everybody you know: current and former colleagues, past employers, people in your industry, neighbors, family, friends, former classmates. —Donna Serdula, LinkedIn expert and author

4. Pursue a job that means something to you

“Do the work that comes from the soul of you… The key to fulfillment, success and contentment in life is aligning your personality with what your soul came to do.” —Oprah Winfrey, Oprah Winfrey Network

5. Tout your soft skills

“Instead of calling them soft skills, I would actually call them essential skills… Some of the most crucial of these skills include communication, teamwork, leadership, relationship-building, balance, reliability and dependability.” —Greg Muccio, Director of People at Southwest

6. Prepare, prepare, prepare — and then prepare some more

“The best way to calm the nerves is by adequately preparing for your interview. Control the controllables. Do your research, hone your stories and schedule a practice interview.” —Sarah Johnston, The Briefcase Coach

7. But make sure to remain authentically you

“There is no replacement for 100% authenticity in interactions with people, and the same is true of interviews, as they are simply an interaction with someone you don’t know [yet]... Remember that this is about assessing fit for you too, and the only way to truly assess fit for yourself is to be fearlessly and authentically you.” —Amanda Gulino, Founder of A Better Monday

8. When it comes to salary, don’t ask for what you’d be willing to take — ask for what you’re worth

"Decide what you think you're worth and then ask for what you think you're worth. Nobody's just going to give it to you." —Shonda Rhimes, Award-winning producer and scriptwriter

9. Step into an interview with as much self-awareness as possible

“Know what you're good at, and know what you're not good at. Don't pretend you're something that you're not. Always ask for help. The smartest people ask questions; the people who are the most ignorant think they know it all.”  —Jessica Alba, actress and Co-Founder of The Honest Company

10. If you work with a recruiter, look beyond the one job listing

“[Our] intent is always to form lasting personal relationships, whether that be to help you find a permanent job or if you want to deploy from assignment to assignment. [Most good firms are searching for] people who want to have a mutually beneficial relationship to help them achieve their career goals while solving problems for our clients.” —Ryan Lynch, Client Relationship Executive at Kforce

11.  Don’t let rejections derail your job search

“Don’t be afraid of the word no. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad result. It just means try again. You can’t be afraid to ask, because if you don’t, no one else is... If you just go out there and not be afraid of the negative result, you’ll be surprised. You may get a positive result.” —Serena Williams, Professional tennis player

12. And don’t let fear derail it, either

“Stop being so afraid! That’s really what strikes me when I look back — the sheer amount of time I spent tangled up in fears and doubts that were entirely of my own creation… Instead, what matters are the true friends you make, the activities you throw yourself into, the books you read, the skills and knowledge you acquire. Those experiences — the ones that make you stronger, smarter and braver — are what really matter.” —Michelle Obama, author, activist & former First Lady

13. Don’t just read blogs — find a mentor

Find mentors in the people around you who you respect… There are mentors in the workspace all around you — peers, the seasoned professional, your supervisor, the supervisor one desk over… [The best] person to be your mentor in the organization is someone who sees you every day, someone who knows you at your best and someone who can give you opportunities to improve.” —Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors

14. Keep learning – your resume is never done

“Learning is the true currency in today’s economy… Employees need to constantly refresh their skills to stay relevant.” —Michael Fraccaro, Mastercard’s Chief Human Resources Officer

If you’re going to finally find the right job for you in 2019, you’ll need to lead your job search with the best advice you can find. Use these pro tips to make sure your 2019 job search is as effective as possible!

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