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How I Got My Job: Transitioning to a New Role

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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April 29, 2014

179331457Landing a job in a company that leverages your strengths, but offers you new career opportunities can be challenging. How do you know if the company you want to work for can really meet both of these needs?

Meet Noelani McGadden. She’s the senior director of sales at OnMobile. She used Glassdoor’s company reviews to transition into a new role at a company that values her strengths as an employee, but was also willing to provide her new opportunities at the same time. Here’s how Noelani found a job and a company she loves:

Glassdoor (GD): How did you approach your job search?

Noelani McGadden (NM): I used Glassdoor to seek out interesting companies that had great employee feedback and company reviews. I then targeted relationships in my network to determine opportunities in those companies. During the negotiation, I went back to Glassdoor to review salaries inside the industry and also within my job function. The information I was able to uncover gave me a strong competitive advantage!


GD: Did the job meet your expectations given the reviews you had read early on?

NM: Yes and more so!

GD: What was the biggest challenge you faced as you started your job search?

NM: I knew I was going to stay in the same industry because I had a long tenure there with a strong network. However, I was interested in changing my job role because I felt there was more potential in other roles. It was hard to get new companies to believe that I could perform in this new role. However, I used Glassdoor to read reviews of others performing in this role, and it helped me streamline my pitch.

GD: What did you want to know when you were trying to find a job?

NM: What experiences others have had inside the company. I'm from a small startup community, and it’s hard to understand culture and relationships from just a couple of days or hours of interviews. The reviews of the companies by current/past employees were invaluable.

GD: What were the most important factors you were looking for in a job?

NM: I wanted to be able to grow, change and perform my best. I've always been a big proponent of using your strengths, and I'm constantly re-reading Strengths Finder by Tom Rath. Being able to find a company that would utilize my strengths in a role where I performed my best was going to be crucial, and Glassdoor helped me gain insight into the companies and roles that would do that. Thanks Glassdoor!

Thanks for sharing your story, Noelani!

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