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Hot Jobs That Pay $100,000+ at the Best Places to Work

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Last Updated December 10, 2019

New year, new salary? The economy is still charging ahead, with additional growth in jobs this Fall. Now is the time to take advantage of that, by locking in a high-paying position for the new year. We’ve rounded up 10 hot jobs here that are all paying more than $100,000 in base salary. And the best news is that you don’t have to have a medical degree or a PhD to land a job at these companies — we’ve got everything here from product marketing to sales operations. In addition, all the companies we’ve highlighted here are 2020 Best Places to Work. So, what are you waiting for? See the roles and companies below that might just be the source of your next $100,000-plus gig.  

Director of Product Marketing at BambooHR

Glassdoor Salary Estimate: $19K-$132K

Additional Perks: Work from home, 401K plan with matching, maternity and paternity leave, & more. 

What Employees Say: “BambooHR is the first company I've ever worked for that actually follows through with the things they claim during the hiring process. This company is amazing! I don't know where to start. $2000 towards a paid vacation, a MONTH of paid time off, amazing health/retirement...are you kidding me? And then the work environment is so good that you don't even need all of that! Seriously. If you're lucky enough to get a job here, you won't ever regret it.” — Current SEO Specialist

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DevOps Engineer at Highspot

Glassdoor Salary Estimate: $87k-$142k

Additional Perks: Unlimited vacation, free snacks, vested stock options, & more. 

What Employees Say: “I can honestly say that not only am I proud to work here, but it’s the best job I’ve ever had. Every day I come to work with people who super-smart, motivated, and fun to be around. We have a stellar leadership team that cares about having the best possible product, customer experience, and company culture. We have catered lunches on Fridays, we celebrate promotions and successes, have guest speakers, happy hours, training and development opportunities, I could go on and on but bottom line it’s a great place to be!”— Current Principal Recruiter

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Principal, Consulting Services at Pariveda Solutions

Glassdoor Salary Estimate: $141k-$254k

Additional Perks: 401K plan with matching, paid medical and dental insurance, paid cell phones, & more. 

What Employees Say: “Pariveda's mission is unique and is focused on helping employees self-actualize. It does this by having a fair and balanced review process, detailed and plentiful feedback from peers, upper management and others, having opportunities both at clients and internally for growth and having a strong internal mentorship program. The pay is competitive with other companies in the industry and the benefits are great especially fully paid medical premiums and matches for HSA and some FSAs. They hire great people and that is by far one of the best parts of working at Pariveda is getting to work with highly motivated people who are amazing at what they do.” — Current Manager

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Sales Operations Business Partner at Confluent

Glassdoor Salary Estimate: $63k-$123k

Additional Perks: Unlimited time off, transportation subsidies, wellness subsidies, flexible work hours, & more. 

What Employees Say: “Confluent does a lot of things right. The executives and leadership team has done a great job of cultivating a culture that rewards those who work hard and go above and beyond. Most startups, really lack at this. This is the first place I've worked in my career where I feel appreciate, valued, and like I am really learning and growing at the rate I want. I love the people that I work with... seriously some of the smartest and humblest in the business!” — Current Recruiting Manager

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Customer Success Leadership Enablement Manager at HubSpot

Glassdoor Salary Estimate: $82K-$155K 

Additional Perks: Unlimited vacation, remote work, five-year sabbatical, egg-freezing benefits & more. 

What Employees Say: “I can confidently say that all the great things that you read about HubSpot are indeed true. I've been at HubSpot less than a year, but long enough to be able to get the entire experience (post new-hire honeymoon phase). 1. The best part about HubSpot are the people. HubSpot puts immense weight during the interview process to hire people that are smart, driven, and most importantly kind. I've made some great relationships during the time I've been here, and it makes work that much more enjoyable. Everyone here is motivated to succeed and advance their careers, and it fosters an exciting environment. 2. Company values. HubSpot is a company looking to be profitable like all others, but it strives to do so in partnership with its customers. You've most likely heard all about the inbound methodology, but HubSpot truly does strive to do business holistically and in a way that makes the world a better place.” —Current Onboarding Specialist

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Managing Consultant - Intelligent Automation & Data Analytics at CrossCountry Consulting

Glassdoor Salary Estimate: $87k-$132k

Additional Perks: 401K plan with matching, flexible spending plans, maternity and paternity leave, & more. 

What Employees Say: “CrossCountry Consulting is a place that truly has a people-first culture. The leadership is invested in ensuring the people at the firm are happy and valued. The firm is growing at a fast pace and there are endless opportunities for everyone advance their careers” — Associate Director

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Associate Director, Regulatory Project Management at Sage Therapeutics

Glassdoor Salary Estimate: $119k-$262k

Additional Perks: Unlimited time off, free food and beverages, maternity and paternity leave, & more. 

What Employees Say: “This is the first workplace I experienced that puts people first. Management continuously asks for feedback of all kinds and actually listens. And employees are treated well on a daily basis with free food, summer hours, giveaways.” – Current Director

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Director, Creative Services at SalesLoft

Glassdoor Salary Estimate: $78k-$179k

Additional Perks: Remote work, free lunch, unlimited time off, & more. 

What Employees Say: “SalesLoft has provided me with all the opportunities to become the professional I want to be. It is a culture built on top of a high performing team, that is building a product that truly serves our customers. Work/Life balance isn't an issue at SalesLoft. The culture here is conducive to how people really work. I have never felt like there has been an expectation of me to come in a work hard between the hours of 9-5. The organization is truly focused on results.” — Current Business Analyst

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Manager, Facilities Planning and Development at In-N-Out Burger

Glassdoor Salary Estimate: $64K-$142K

Full-Time Benefits: Tuition reimbursement, 15% discount at the company store, company-sponsored events, free meal on workdays & more.

What Employees Say: “The pay is good and there is a lot of room for personal development and advancement within the company.” —Current Level 6 Cook

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Analytics Manager at Sprout Social

Glassdoor Salary Estimate: $116K - $126K

Additional Perks: Wellness benefits, parental leave, free Divvy bike memberships, onsite breakfast and lunch options & more.

What Employees Say: “I have been working at Sprout Social for a few months now and I have never been happier professionally. First and foremost, Sprout understands that to have a truly successful business, having happy employees is key. Yes, Sprout offers great benefits which is great and appreciated, but beyond that, Sprout has a lot of structures in place to ensure that its employees feel valued and fulfilled in their day-to-day work life.” —Current Customer Success Manager

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