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9 Great Jobs for Political Science Majors

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Last Updated April 17, 2019
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You’ve just earned your political science degree — congratulations! And if you’re wondering what your next step should be, we’re here with several perfect — and occasionally surprising — options for your first job. Here are nine jobs you might want to get with your new degree.

1. Government Affairs Director

Average Base Pay: $105,996

Number of Open Jobs: 896

Description: As a government affairs director, you would help companies understand and adapt to regulations and government initiatives, as well as lobby government about new or proposed laws. Your understanding of government’s inner-workings would be key here.

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2. Legislative Assistant

Average Base Pay: $48,037

Number of Open Jobs: 547

Description: Legislative assistants work with elected officials (think: senators, assembly members and representatives at all levels of government) to help those legislators perform their jobs to the best of their ability. You might communicate with constituents, research issues, survey residents or officials and prepare briefings, along with myriad other duties.

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3. Policy Analyst

Average Base Pay: $67,691

Number of Open Jobs: 14,458

Description: A policy analyst researches policy initiatives, then presents arguments for and against those initiatives based on that research and critical thinking. And their arguments about policy initiatives could help others advance or thwart those initiatives.

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4. Political Science Professor

Average Base Pay: $52,581

Number of Open Jobs: 518

Description: You know what this job is about because you just snagged your degree! A political science professor teaches various aspects of political science to college students.

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5. Program Coordinator

Average Base Pay: $47,125

Number of Open Jobs: 78,414

Description: Non-profits, charities or foundations that rely on government funding need politically-savvy program coordinators to oversee divisions and help advance their goals. As a program coordinator, you would work with staff — and within budgets — to ensure the success and implementation of specific programs.

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6. Public Relations Specialist

Average Base Pay: $58,360

Number of Open Jobs: 3,257

Description: Public relations specialists are responsible for getting media attention for their clients by writing press releases, holding press conferences, hosting events and more. With a political science major, you might work for a government agency, legislator or lobby group in this capacity.

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7. Research Analyst

Average Base Pay: $62,153

Number of Open Jobs: 27,895

Description: As a research analyst, you would examine data and generate conclusions — and, by working in the public sector, you could apply your knowledge of government and politics to help various businesses advance their goals through your research and analysis.

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8. Attorney

Average Base Pay: $117,188

Number of Open Jobs: 10,861

Description: To be an attorney, you would need to go to law school — but with that degree, you could work with legislators and government officials to write bills and legislation. You might also litigate on their behalf, helping to defend their political initiatives.

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9. Social Media Manager

Average Base Pay: $55,199

Number of Open Jobs: 13,370

Description: Social media managers make sure their clients put their best foot forward on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With your political savvy, you could help government officials disseminate important information, such as proposed legislation and new regulations, and interact with constituents on social media platforms.

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