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15 Great Jobs for Veterans

Posted by Emily Moore

February 19, 2019

Transitioning careers is always a little intimidating, but if you’re transitioning from the military to civilian life, it can seem even more challenging. You might be thinking, “How can I find a private sector career when my work history is so different?” The good news is, though, there are plenty of great jobs for veterans out there.

The truth is, many employers are eager to hire veterans. The discipline, leadership and work ethic that you learn in the military translate well into the private sector, and the diversity of experience you bring with you can help lead to new and innovative ideas and solutions. So what jobs most benefit from these skills?

While your options are endless, we’ve put together a list of great jobs for veterans. All of these positions benefit from the skills you learn in the military and have relatively low barriers to entry — no need to have years of directly related work experience. Check them out below, and apply today!

Project Coordinator

Average Base Pay: $51,468/yr


Project Coordinators oversee projects, making sure each necessary component is delivered on-time and within budget. To excel in this position, you’ll need superb organizational and communication skills.

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Truck Driver

Average Base Pay: $43,464/yr

Don’t let fears of automation dissuade you — Truck Drivers are in high demand right now, and will likely continue to be in the foreseeable future. Truck Drivers carry cargo from point A to point B, and require a commercial driving license. It may also be a good idea to attend truck driving school if you don’t have experience driving large vehicles.

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Sales Representative

Average Base Pay: $39,300/yr

Sales Representatives reach out and field inquiries from prospective customers, whether through email, phone or in-person. Sales Representatives should have excellent people and communication skills, and understand their clients’ needs.

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Average Base Pay: $51,349/yr

In many ways, recruiters’ jobs are very similar to sales representatives — but rather than selling a product or service to a client, they’re selling a candidate on a job and company. Recruiters both proactively seek out candidates for open jobs, and field inquiries from interested candidates. Great people and organizational skills are a must.

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Average Base Pay: $36,826/yr

If you have previous experience repairing or maintaining equipment, you might be interested in a career as a Technician. Technicians work on all sorts of equipment and machinery, from cars to computers to aircraft and more. Depending on which field you enter, you may need certification, but programs are often significantly less time-intensive and costly than college degrees.

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Operations Coordinator

Average Base Pay: $48,397/yr

Operations Coordinator is a role where you ensure that a business runs smoothly and efficiently. To do this, you’ll perform various support tasks for the team you’re assigned to. Candidates should be detail-oriented, organized and excellent at time management.

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Store Manager

Average Base Pay: $50,688/yr

An excellent choice for anyone with leadership experience, Store Managers are tasked with leading the day-to-day functions of a store. This might include scheduling, inventory, employee training and coaching, marketing and reporting.

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Average Base Pay: $50,000/yr

Another strong option for those with maintenance and repair experience, plumbers install and fix water-supplying pipes and drains. Plumbers usually need proper licensing, which can be obtained through a combination of training, experience and sometimes an exam.

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Customer Support Representative

Average Base Pay: $33,512/yr

Customer Support Representatives’ primary responsibility is to keep customers satisfied. They do this by fielding questions and complaints, whether through phone, email, in-person or on social media. Customer Support Representatives should have great people skills, and an eagerness to become experts in their company’s products or services.

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Average Base Pay: $53,794/yr

As their title suggests, Electricians install and repair electrical systems. They may work in residential homes, larger buildings, outdoor power lines or other specialties. Electricians typically need a license, which often requires formal training, an apprenticeship and an exam.

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Logistics Coordinator

Average Base Pay: $46,898/yr

Those with military logistics training could excel in a private sector career in logistics. Logistics Coordinators typically are responsible for managing activities in a company’s supply chain, and may be responsible for coordinating and tracking shipments from departure to destination, communicating with suppliers and preparing accurate documents of record.

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Warehouse Associate

Average Base Pay: $24,000/yr

Prefer to stay on your feet and active? You might want to consider becoming a Warehouse Associate. Warehouse Associates spend their time moving packages between different destinations in a warehouse, and may operate equipment like forklifts. While the pay is on the lower end, a hot labor market and the rising popularity of eCommerce is driving wages up.

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Data Analyst

Average Base Pay: $67,377/yr

If you’ve got a knack for numbers, you might want to become a data analyst. Data Analysts gather and analyze data in order to identify trends and derive business insights. You may need to teach yourself a few additional skills — SQL, R and Python are common computing languages used — but there’s no shortage of online tutorials and courses to help you out.

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Real Estate Agent

Average Base Pay: $48,883/yr

Real Estate Agent is a common choice for career changers of all different backgrounds. Real Estate Agents connect prospective buyers or renters with available properties. They should have great interpersonal, sales and marketing skills, and must pass an exam to obtain a license.

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IT Support Specialist

Average Base Pay: $51,564/yr

Good with computers? Think about becoming an IT Support Specialist, whose primary duty is to ensure that an organization’s employees have a smooth technological experience. You may be required to assist with helpdesk tickets, set up equipment and train employees on new technologies. Formal training and certifications are sometimes required, but can often be completed online or through a vocational school.

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