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Johnson & Johnson Launches New Platform to Be More Transparent to Job Seekers

Posted by Amy Elisa Jackson

October 18, 2017

If you are searching for a job, you are probably familiar with this scenario: you fill out an application online, attach your resume and cover letter, then you click "Submit". Anticipation grows as you wait, and wait. Excitement turns to doubt and then confusion. Did I end up in the application black hole?

Being in job search limbo is never fun — wondering if a real person, instead of a bot, read your application or reviewed your resume. Johnson & Johnson understands the frustration and is working to address that.

Today, Johnson & Johnson launched a new digital experience aimed at bringing much more transparency to every job seeker in the U.S. The Shine platform allows candidates to check up on the progress of their application, get information on what to expect next and browse content relevant to the hiring stage they’re at.

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Now when you apply to a job at Johnson & Johnson, you can see what stage of review it is at, understand how long the process may take, and get insight into what Johnson & Johnson is looking for in its candidates. This is a major step towards transparency and helping informed candidates have as much visibility into their job prospects as possible.

"We asked over 100,000 actual candidates what their biggest frustrations were with our hiring process," said Sjoerd Gehring, Johnson & Johnson’s VP of Talent Acquisition and Employee Experience. "Over and over again, candidates told us that they hate the lack of control, the feeling of confusion and the way in which the process often feels so impersonal and ‘transactional’. They told us they want transparency, progress updates, helpful content and real-time support—and that’s exactly what we’re hoping to introduce with Shine."

Check out the video below for more details and apply to any of the over 3,000 open roles at Johnson & Johnson today!



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