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Kate Gosselin Career Lessons

Layered deep beneath all the makeup, hairspray and intense marketing jargon may actually be some useful career lessons from tabloid-media darling Kate Gosselin. You may be saying “yeah right,” but alas, it’s true. Even without the eight, Kate Gosselin may actually have more to offer the world than just a sensationalistic read at the grocery check-out line.

Here is some career advice Kate may be subconsciously passing on to us…

Organization can equal success when chaos hits: With eight kids, Kate Gosselin knew that in order to keep things running as smoothly as possible she had to create consistency and order. Watch any of the early Jon & Kate Plus Eight episodes and you’ll see that Kate operates with a kind of modern efficiency that even the Army could be proud of. And thanks to her planning, all the trips and events whether it’s going to pre-school or a Fourth of July parade, go off without a hitch because she has anticipated what the kids will need and when.

When tough times hit, figure out how best to stay afloat: Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock for the last six months, you probably know that it’s now Kate Plus Eight, minus the Jon Jon has decided that, after five seasons of blatantly supporting putting his kids on TV, it is no longer good for them, and the show is on hold indefinitely. . For Kate, this means another source of income needs to be found. So according to the New York Daily News, Kate has decided a nurse’s salary might do the trick and has renewed her nursing license in the Pennsylvania in an effort to keep some money flowing in.

Try to keep your cool when under the spotlight: Kate is famous for her somewhat abusive tone and “holier than thou” attitude, but the tables have now turned on and Jon’s squeaky clean image is tarnished by young women and Ed Hardy shirts. Kate, on the other hand, has managed to take the high road. In Kate’s interview with NBC reporter Natalie Morales, she admitted that she wasn’t perfect, but she’s managed to keep herself somewhat together in light of the ongoing marital issues and public scrutiny. So what’s the career lesson out of this? If you’re under pressure remember that how you speak and act during tough times will be a reflection of your ability to handle difficult situations. Take a breather when stressful times hit and try to take it just one step at a time.

Bottom line is that, even if you don’t care much for Kate Gosselin, these are still important tips to remember for your career. Sometimes even the weirdest or most annoying news topics can offer us a piece of advice that helps in us in the workplace and in our jobs – just think positive!