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How To Land A Green Job

Earth Day is coming up on Sunday, April 22. In light of celebrating our planet and the rising popularity of environmental jobs, Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs, has some tips for landing a job in the coveted “green sector.”

1.  Find the Green Companies

More and more companies are implementing sustainable working environments and aren’t necessarily the obvious choices when searching for a green job. In fact, Newsweek releases an annual “green ranking” of companies and amongst their top 10 were: IBM, Sprint Nextel, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, and Office Depot. In most cases, these are not the companies that would be likely to pop into your head when you think “green company”, which highlights that opportunities within the green sector can be found in unexpected companies, so keep an open mind during your search.

2. The Job Title Might Not Be Green, But the Job Is

Similar to companies not being the obvious choice as “green”, positions may not be either. In fact, on FlexJobs’ site, jobs listed under the “Environmental” career category include the obvious green jobs such as Senior Environmental Scientist and Environmental Planner, as well as jobs that cover a lot of different career areas such as Executive Assistant, Finance Administrator, Controller, French Translator, Graphic Artist, BloggerData Entry Clerk, Project Coordinator and more. So look for job titles that fit your skills and interests, and then research the company or specific position to find out it if fits your green ideals.

3. “Walk the Walk” with Your Commitment to the Environment

Volunteering for green organizations, following green-centric sites, and staying knowledgeable in general are great highlights to include on your resume. Demonstrating that your commitment goes beyond the surface will help you stand out as truly dedicated to environmental issues, which is a benefit for any company who is looking to hire staff that will understand their initiatives and help maintain their reputation as environmentally-friendly.

4. “Talk the Talk” about Your Commitment to the Environment

When applying for a job with a clear environmental slant, be sure to highlight your interests and actions that relate. Help the hiring manager understand that not only are you qualified for the job, but that you’d be passionate about the position and that your personal philosophies converge with their dedication to the environment.

5. Make Your Job Green

Don’t have a traditional green job for a green company? No problem! Implement green strategies on your own no matter your position. For example, follow simple steps such as to use a scanner rather than printer when possible, turn off equipment when not in use, and use natural light and air to cut back on electricity. Suggest the option to telecommute, even if it’s just one or two days a week. Cite facts such as Cisco reporting that by offering telecommuting, they have saved 47,320 metric tons of greenhouse gases from being released and saved $10.3 million in fuel costs each year and Sun Microsystems reported that its 24,000 U.S. employees participating in the Open Work Program avoided producing 32,000 metric tons of CO2 last year by driving less often to and from work (source: Telework Research Network). Making any job greener leaves the future of sustainable employment that much brighter.

If you’re interested in a green job, go for it! Take Sutton Fell’s tips and hit the ground running to improve your work life and the planet, all at the same time.