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Layoffs at Cisco: 6,500 Jobs Expected to be Cut

A new report by J.P. Morgan announced that Cisco could be laying-off as much as 10% of their staff in the near future.  This would amount to more than 6,500 employees in total, and would clearly make a significant impact on the company and further impact the tech industry.  It would, however, save Cisco nearly $900 million dollars a year. 

When asked specifically about this possibility, a spokesperson for the company noted that they discussed in February eliminating up-to 2,000 jobs at some point, but that this would not “represent a broad-scale layoff in our workforce.”  What ultimately happens in terms of lay-offs for the company remains to be seen.

As we’ve done with other companies, we took a look at reviews for Cisco from the past three months, and found that employee sentiment remains neutral toward the company and the CEO and that concern over layoffs seems to be mentioned rarely among Cisco company reviews submitted by employees.

Glassdoor Report: Cisco


Company Rating

CEO Name

CEO Rating


3.6 (neutral)

John Chambers



Here’s what some employees at Cisco had to say in reference to their jobs and job security:

“Very stable employer. I contracted here during the financial crisis, and I was allowed to stay for the entire duration of my 6 month contract.” Software Contractor, San Jose, CA

 “Use this economic downturn to prune the least productive (and) burdensome employees. That clears the air out and you will see innovation thrive.” – Software Engineering Manager, San Jose, CA

“There was a day that I could never imagine leaving Cisco – now I think of it daily.” – Business Development Manager

“Cut back on employee “feel good” programs; what feels good right now is having a job.”- Anonymous, Richardson, TX

Interestingly, as we were reading through the reviews to see whether or not employees were concerned about layoffs, we found that the biggest challenges at the company seem to be around work-life balance and middle management. 

Do you work at Cisco? Let us know how things are going.