How To Use Layoffs To Find a Job

What do you think of layoffs? Let me guess, you don’t like them. Who can blame you? Layoffs are an embarrassment to a company and represent a very bad day for the people who suddenly find themselves unemployed. What good could come of layoffs? I suppose one could argue a benefit to shareholders, but even that is not always the case. However, there is always one advantage to layoffs and that is to the people who are looking for work. To be clear, people looking for work who were not employed by the company that just reduced its workforce. Okay, you may be scratching your head in confusion, but allow me to prove my point.

Layoffs are always good for networking opportunities. Think about it this way: if you wanted to advance your career, having a relationship with key people is most beneficial. If you reached out to them when they were working, chances are they would refer you to a recruiter who may or may not call you back. On the flipside, even if they were not laid off themselves, everyone feels a bit vulnerable after an event like that. Now consider how well off you would be if you connected with a mid-level manager and helped him (or her) in their time of need. Eventually, they will land work somewhere and be in a position to return the favor. Make sense? I dare say, if you were unable to assist them in securing them new work, at least your kindness and willingness to be of service could be enough to cement a lasting friendship with mutual rewards.

If you can agree with my logic, let me show you how you can find companies that are releasing workers en masse. By venturing over to Bing, one could do a search along the lines of what I did below.


I am asking Google to search for the word “layoffs” in the title of a news article. I am also asking Google to find the words “technology” and “software” as well. Why? That is the industry I have an interest in. If I were an accountant, I would probably add words like “finance” or “investing” so I could research companies in that field. Make sense?

In the search results, the first company mentioned is Cisco. Such being the case, now would be a good time for me to approach people at Cisco for networking.  Comprende?

If you like the direction this is going, here are a few more searches you might want to employ. (Pun intended).



In all of my examples, I have been using Google. In principle, this type of search could be done on any search engine. For that matter, it is good to search on more than one search engines as each one has information that is unique to it. That being said, it is possible to stumble across a news story that may not have been cited in Google News. Just FYI…

Happy Hunting!