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What We Can Learn from Netflix about Company Culture

Yesterday, Hacking Netflix, a blog dedicated to discussing all things Netflix, got a hold of an internal company report that was designed to explain the company’s philosophy to its own staff. As TechCrunch blogger MG Seigler suggests “other companies should have to read this.” But how do Netflix employees respond to corporate values and how much do they like working at the company?

Netflix Reviews – Glassdoor Review

Netflix was recognized in the Glassdoor 2009 Best Places to Work list, an employees’ choice award that was announced in late 2008. But does this mean that Netflix employees still love getting up every morning and heading to the office? Do they enjoy their job and the company? Included below are some recent comments from Netflix employees that perhaps teach the rest of us some lessons and practices we can apply or hope to have applied within our own companies:

A senior software engineer in the Netflix headquarters office in Los Gatos, CA notes, “The leadership has vision and knows how to execute. The company stays focused and it feels like we are all working together as a team toward the same goal. Even when things aren’t working exactly right, people are eager to accept advice and make things better.”

“Every role at the company is a chance to directly effect the success of the business. The sense of ownership is big, the challenges are big, and the work is very engaging…Very data driven, customer focused, innovation oriented,” comments a Vice President in Los Gatos, CA.

In advice to senior management, a Customer Service Supervisor in Hillsboro, OR suggests “Continue striving to be the best and encouraging that throughout your company while remembering to also take care of people.”

But to make the rest of us feel ‘normal’, Netflix employees show that life at the company is not always a bowl of cherries:

An anonymous Netflix employee in Los Gatos, CA warns “It is a high performance culture. And it is not for everyone, some people don’t thrive in such an environment.”

“Their vision and focus is top notch and they do not need much help in achieving success in those areas. They should focus a little more on treating their people a little better and not churning through so many very competent people. Also as they grow they need to realize that some of their values are difficult to maintain,” adds a Netflix Manager in Beverly Hills, CA.

And for those of us that recognize that an enjoyable job can often mean more than a good set of benefits or a great set of colleagues, here’s a peek into the salaries of Netflix employees:

Netflix Salaries – Glassdoor Salary

Are you a fan of Netflix and wish you could work there? Here are some tips from recent job candidates to help you get a leg up:

“Try to study the culture and fact sheets of the company and use their terms/languages during interview.” – Analyst

A marketing manager job candidate in Los Gatos shows that it is good to be prepared for anything and everything. In this person’s review, the job candidate notes, “one of the things I was not prepared to do was walk through a complete case study that involved analytics. Not having access to a calculator or spreadsheet (excel) made the process very intimidating.”

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