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More Than Chocolate: 6 Reasons to Work for Lindt & Sprüngli

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Got a sweet tooth and looking for a new opportunity? We may have found your dream job.

Based in Stratham, New Hampshire, Lindt & Sprüngli USA is one of the premier chocolate makers in the world. The 1,200+ employees not only rave about the truffles and chocolate bars, but the exposure to innovation, friendly colleagues, and the opportunities for advancement. But if you’re worried about being based outside of a major city, don’t be? Lindt is located in the tri-state area so getting to Boston is a quick train ride or heading to Vermont for apple picking is a fun fall getaway.

Sound too good to be true? We’ll let you be the judge.

As Lindt USA gears up to fill roles in wholesale, marketing, and operations, we decided to take a look at what the company has to offer in addition to delicious chocolate. Here’s what we found:

#1 It’s perfect for students fresh out of college.
With University of New Hampshire nearby, Lindt is a logical next step for recent grads looking for a variety of experiences at a consumer-packaged-goods company (CPG). “Lindt has such a fun brand and the fact that there is so much growth potential is a draw for students,” says Krystal Hicks, Corporate Recruitment Manager at Lindt & Sprüngli USA. “When I came to Lindt that was one of the things that I said to my now VP was, ‘Look, students know why they love your chocolate but they have no idea why they should want to work here.’ But now students see a natural attraction to the many growth opportunities.”

#2 They’re sustainable.
Lindt & Sprüngli works continuously to reduce the use of energy and water, and pays special attention greenhouse gas emissions through programs at production sites and by optimizing transport routes. Plus through the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program, they are able to get to know the farmers delivering raw materials and to verify their social and environmental practices.

“With food production companies, it’s not hard to turn on Netflix and watch a food documentary or a documentary about the labor force in Africa or where we’re getting our cocoa beans from,” says Hicks. “For Lindt, we get to feel good about our product. We know where our ingredients are coming from and it allows us to reinvest in those same communities by building village resource centers and clean water systems.”

#3. They’re transparent and socially conscious.
“We just launched our brand new career website that allows people to watch videos so that they can really see that we don’t just make great chocolate but we make it in a great way,” says Hicks. Browse videos and read testimonias to explore the company culture, see inside Lindt offices and get a real feel for their passions as an organization.  “We take a lot of pride in our charitable giving campaigns and our focus on local volunteerism especially with the United Way of the Greater Seacoast. In addition to donating their time, Lindt USA in partnership with our employees raised over $300K through our annual giving campaigns, all to assist nonprofits in need.”

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#4 Lindt is international.
Walking from the lobby to the cafeteria of their New Hampshire headquarters, it’s not unusual to hear multiple languages spoken by various employees. With 23 global subsidiaries stretching from Germany to Canada, Italy to the U.S., it’s not only diverse but the company “ecosystem” also allows employees to climb the ladder—even if that means working abroad. “In an area like New Hampshire where we don’t have as much diversity, it’s been awesome to be able to infuse that into our company and to provide those opportunities outward.”

#5 It’s got a little bit of everything.
“We have a really unique business in that sense we’re a CPG company but we’re also a supply chain, production, and retail,” says Hicks. Those looking to get wide-ranging experience in business or build a multi-faceted career could start in a Lindt retail store, move up the chain to retail operations, dabble in buying, get exposure in marketing and get their hands dirty in a data-rich environment. “Sales and marketing is our bread and butter, but we also have in-house research and development. People always joke asking, ‘Can I get a job taste testing?’ Yes, you can. That is a real job.”

#6 Free chocolate, of course!
Sure the PTO, 401K, flexible work schedules and holiday parties are amazing, but for a company that produces sweets on round-the clock shifts, it’s all about the chocolate. “Anytime I see our master chocolatier, Ann Czaja, I just want to know what the next flavor is going to be,” says Hicks. With bowls of truffles in every conference room, it’s no wonder there’s an on-site gym and excellent health insurance. “My favorite truffle would actually be our Milk Chocolate Peppermint Cookie truffle and my favorite bar is a Caramelized Pistachio Dark bar. It’s so good.”

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