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Looking For Your Dream Job? Salesforce Has It

If you’re not familiar with Salesforce, you need to know two things: first, this company is changing the way other companies interact with their customers in a big and powerful way; and second, you’re going to want to work for them by the end of this.

Based in San Francisco, Salesforce has been in the information service industry since 1999. With over 10,000 employees, the customer success platform is the world’s leading CRM. And on top of all that: employees say it’s an amazing place to work!

With an overall company rating of 4.2, Salesforce makes it on our list for best places to work. Wondering why? Here’s an inside look at the company that excels at taking care of both customers and employees.

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The perks

By offering a comprehensive benefits package that includes cool perks and fun office vibes, Salesforce keeps their employees happy and healthy.  

“The benefits are the best in the industry,” writes an employee from their Portland, Oregon-based office. “You will not get these benefits at any market outside.”

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Salesforce’s top reported benefits on Glassdoor include health insurance, a 401K plan with 3% matching, and flexible 3-weeks paid time off for vacation, in addition to 7-days of paid-time off for volunteering.

“We get a healthy amount of paid time off each check, which makes it easier to spend time with family and other loved ones,” writes a current Subject Matter Expert employees based out of Salesforce’s Indianapolis office.

In addition, Salesforce offers employees some other awesome perks, such as: paid relocation, paid housing, monthly commuter and fitness reimbursements, stock options, and training and learning opportunities.


The people

When you look at a company to determine whether or not it’s a good place to work, you have to look at the people” it’s employees, managers and leaders.

With 1,741 ratings, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has an approval rating of 97%–making him one of the highest rated CEO’s of 2016!

Reviews on the Salesforce Glassdoor page consistently show that employees value their co-workers and find them to be smart, talented professionals.

“I have a team environment that is supportive and an amazing manager who leads and supports her team,” describes a Solutions Engineer from the Salesforce office in Sydney, Australia. “The management structure is welcoming and you are given almost everything you need to succeed in your role.”

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The office digs and culture

Though its headquarters is in San Francisco, Salesforce is a global company with offices all over, in cities such as Seattle, Vancouver, Sydney, and Indianapolis.

Regardless of location, the office environment and company culture seems to be amazing across the board–and based on the photos of the office space, it looks like a pretty cool space to have fun and get work done.

Moreover, many reviews note that Salesforce offers a “challenging yet supportive work environment” that most employees consider a “pro” to working there.

The company culture also has strong roots in giving back to their local communities, which is evident both in the fact that it provides paid time off to volunteer, and also that the company constantly inspires and offers opportunities for charitable work.

“One of the greatest perks of the job is the volunteering you can do for local charities,” writes a Senior Account Executive from the Salesforce London office. “I have been lucky enough to work some charities and get to meet some genuinely amazing people, all within my working week.”

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The pay

Salesforce has 4,160 salaries reported on Glassdoor covering 1,338 different jobs. The average salary for a software engineer is $115,483; $66,446 for a sales representative; and an IT manager earns $131,124 annually.

Glassdoor reviews consistently show happiness with pay and the employee stock purchase plan.

The verdict

We think this review by a current Senior Finance Manager in the company’s Singapore office says it all:

“A year back, I decided to join Salesforce after reading the feedback on Glassdoor and it was one of the best decision I have made. This is a great company with everyone in office treating each other like family. The company provides good benefits and welfare and the management truly believe that it’s the people that makes a company great.”

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