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No Luck In The Job Search? Consider Temp Work

Looking for work? Having a difficult time landing that position equal to or greater than your last role? Whether you’re an admin or an executive if you can’t find the perfect job consider finding project work through a temp firm…you may be surprised what you find!

Here a few good reasons to pursue temp work:

A great way to test companies – Want to get a good feel for a company’s culture? You can’t get a better understanding than from the inside.  If you like the company then you can feel confident this is the place to be if offered a permanent position.

Companies are filling permanent positions with contract workers – Guess what, companies want to test talent before committing to a full-time employee relationship. And yes, we are seeing this happen at all levels. So, if this is where companies are fishing for talent, then go to where they are.

Stay busy! Sitting around the house is not a good thing, you need to be in the market and involved. And if you’re married I bet some have spouses who have said, I married you for better or worse but not for lunch every day!  Go temp, get busy and get out of the house!

A great network – Everyone you meet at a temp or contract agency is looking for that perfect job and all are usually willing to network. They are in the market, they hear what companies are planning, they see positions as they open. And again, level of work does not matter.

Prep for the future – There is very good possibility a large number of us will pursue project, contract or temp work for the rest of our careers. It will become the work relationship channel preferred by companies and once we are comfortable with the ebb and flow may work well to support our quality of life goals. And the work opportunities will expand globally as boomers all over the world retire. So why not start working this way now and once you gain confidence and a reputation you may have more control over your work life than you ever experienced working for a corporation.

So if your search for that perfect permanent position has not been successful consider temp, contract or project work – the experience may result in your dream job!