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McDonald’s CEO Steps Down; Fast Food Restaurant Employees Reveal Life Under The Golden Arches & Other Chains

McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner is stepping down this week after holding the top executive job for the past eight years and having worked at the company for the past 41 years.  Skinner, who receives a 67% approval¹ rating from employees during the past year, has been recognized for his leadership, innovation and business know-how. During Skinner’s tenure, he is credited with market capitalization surpassing $100 billion for the first time in McDonald’s history, among several other accomplishments.

As the iconic company transitions to a new CEO, Don Thompson, Glassdoor, the leading social jobs and career community, turns to employees who work under those widely recognized golden arches to find out what it’s been like to work at the company as of late. Plus, in this new report, we see how McDonalds and Skinner compare to other fast food restaurants and their CEOs – all according to employees.²


  • Highest Rated Fast Food Restaurants: In-N-Out Burgers is the highest rated fast food company with its 4.0 (very satisfied) rating. In-N-Out Burgers is followed by Chick-fil-A with a 3.7 (satisfied) company rating, and Taco Bell, Arby’s & Jimmy John’s, share a 3.2 (OK) company rating. (Company ratings based on a 5-point scale; 1.0=very dissatisfied, 3.0=OK, 5.0=very satisfied).
  • Highest Rated Fast Food Restaurant CEOs: Chick-fil-A CEO S. Truett Cathy is the highest rated CEO on this list with an 88% approval rating among employees, followed by Subway CEO Fred DeLuca with his 72% approval, and Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed with 71% approval.
  • Lowest Rated Fast Food Restaurant CEOs: Papa John’s CEO John H. Schnatter is the lowest rated CEO on this list with a 39% approval rating among employees, followed by Pizza Hut CEO Scott Bergren with 50% approval and Jimmy John’s CEO Jimmy Liautaud with 55% approval.


Recent Employee Commentary about some of the best reasons (pros) and some of the downsides (cons) of working at a Fast Food restaurant:


In N Out provides a very upbeat and positive work environment. They motivate progress and promotions. Very well structured and professional.” – In-N-Out Burgers Employee (location n/a)

I’m a single young mother, attending college full time. My availability can get really hard, but my manager really understands and works with me to create my work perfect schedule.” – Taco Bell Cashier (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

The payscale is great. And when your numbers fall in line you are left alone.” – Pizza Hut RGM (Cleveland, OH)


Not actually a Christian company, just marketed as such. They are after every cent and sale as all other businesses/1% out there.” – Chick-fil-A General Manager

No room for advance, no bonus plan reachable anymore, you should work there if you just like to settle in life.” – KFC General Manager (location n/a)

Be prepared to work all weekend nights, every football game, every boxing event, and to not see your family or friends if they’re on a more traditional 9-5 schedule.” – Papa John’s Delivery Driver (Algonquin, IL)

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¹Average CEO rating on Glassdoor is 62% approval. CEO ratings are calculated similar to Presidential approval ratings. Employees are asked: Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company?

²Report based on fast food restaurants that received at least 20 approved reviews between 6/18/2011 and 6/17/2012.* Denotes CEOs that have received between 10-19 ratings in the past year.