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Should Monday After The Super Bowl Be A National Holiday?

91599788Every year, there are a few brave souls who suggest that the Monday after the Super Bowl should become a national holiday. After the Super Bowl two years ago, Yahoo! Sports wrote, “You shouldn’t have to work today. You shouldn’t even have to get out of bed. This should be a day where you can sleep in, sleep off the effects of all the “soda” you drank yesterday.”

These may not be the most compelling reasons for an employer to condone a day off, but it is true that much of America will be tuned into the game on Sunday.  Last year, a record 111 million viewers tuned in to watch the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While it’s not likely to receive national holiday status anytime soon, we at Glassdoor were curious to see if many people are planning to take time off to recuperate from overzealous Super Bowl celebrations. We also wanted to uncover the productivity level and mood in the office for those who do punch in. Here’s what employees had to say in our Superbowl survey*:

  • 20% of employees say that morale is typically better in the office the day after the Super Bowl
  • However, 22% of employees also note that it’s commonly a less productive day than usual
  • One in ten (8%) employees plan not to work the day after the Super Bowl
  • One in ten (9%) employees plan to take Monday off as a vacation
  • 3% admit that they will take a ‘sick day’ the Monday after the Super Bowl

When we asked employees if their employers offer any sort of perks on the Monday after the Big Game, several Glassdoor users noted that they are either allowed to work from home, use as a flex day, or have their regular Monday morning meeting postponed for later in the day. Some also reported that their employers buy breakfast for employees the Monday after the game.

What’s your work experience typically been like on the Monday after the Super Bowl? Let us know below.

* Online survey was conducted between 1/28/11 and 2/3/11. Included responses from 500 Glassdoor users including those who are employed (full/part/self) or unemployed but looking.