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The 14 Most Common Remote Jobs (& How Much They Pay)

Posted by Emily Moore

Last Updated July 30, 2018

Working remotely is a dream for many people. No need to dress up, no morning commute, no manager breathing down your neck… what more could you ask for?

And luckily, this is a dream that’s becoming increasingly achievable for the average worker. A 2017 survey by Gallup found that 43 percent of Americans work from home at least some of the time, and that those who do work remotely on occasion are doing so more frequently and for longer periods of time.

For certain job titles, this growth is even more pronounced. FlexJobs recently identified 14 of the most common remote job titles, spanning a wide variety of skill sets and industries. Looking for a job where you can work from wherever you want? Check out these positions to see if they’re right for you!

1. Client Services Director

Average Base Pay: $104,724


Companies Hiring: First Advantage Corporation, OneDigital, Toptal & more

Description: Client Service Directors head up the team focused on providing excellent service to a company’s clients. In addition to working directly with clients, they make strategic decisions about a company’s client service operations and often manage others.

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Speech Language Pathologist

Average Base Pay: $57,530

Companies Hiring: PresenceLearning, Bilingual Therapies, Sunbelt Staffing & more

Description: Much more than just eliminating speech impediments or improving stutters, Speech Language Pathologists diagnose and treat a variety of communication disorders so that patients can express themselves to the best of their abilities.

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Business Development Manager

Average Base Pay: $74,441

Companies Hiring: NeoGenomics Laboratories, Arthrex, Amazon & more

Description: Business Development Managers are responsible for seeking out new business opportunities for their company. This may involve sales prospecting, fielding inbound requests for proposals, pitching potential business partners through presentations and more.

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Average Base Pay: $79,985

Companies Hiring: NinjaCat, Geologics Corporation, Perficient & more

Description: Developers use programming languages to design, lay out and update attractive and functional websites.

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Average Base Pay: $65,976

Companies Hiring: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Quest Diagnostics, Connections Academy & more

Description: Thought it was impossible for nurses to work from home? Think again! With the rise of telemedicine, nurses increasingly have the option to practice from home in a clinical or advisory setting.

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Account Manager

Average Base Pay: $57,244

Companies Hiring: Katerra, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Bemis & more

Description: An account manager builds partnerships with new clients while managing existing accounts. They also meet sales targets and may take on management roles over account executives.

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Average Base Pay: $55,202

Companies Hiring: Hologic, Vectrus, Greenback Tax Services & more

Description: Accountants produce, record, summarize and interpret financial information about a business or an individual and communicate it to relevant stakeholders and authorities.

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Average Base Pay: $52,343

Companies Hiring: Vivial Media LLC, Stickyeyes, ScienceBuzz & more

Description: Professional writers come in many different varieties. Writers in the journalism industry generate ideas, interview experts and produce written articles, for example, while Content Writers are responsible for generating marketing content.

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Average Base Pay: $45,483

Companies Hiring: YiYiEnglish,, Strayer University & more

Description: Teachers design curriculum and transfer their knowledge to students. In remote settings, English as a second language (ESL) teachers are in especially high demand.

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10. Online Tutor

Average Base Pay: $26,019

Companies Hiring: Pearson Online & Blended Learning, Revolution Prep, Independence University & more

Description: Online Tutors remotely assist students in understanding academic concepts, completing assignments and preparing for exams.

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Medical Coder

Average Base Pay: $38,678

Companies Hiring: Peak Health Solutions, Highmark Health, Zotec Partners & more

Description: Medical coders translate doctor’s notes on patients regarding medical history, diagnoses and treatments into standard medical codes in a database.

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Average Base Pay: $34,677

Companies Hiring: Express Employment Professionals, Barnum Financial Group, Wandrian & more

Description: Bookkeepers are responsible for tracking businesses’ finances. This may include paying bills, sending invoices, administering payroll and more.

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Virtual Assistant

Average Base Pay: $22,000

Companies Hiring: InVision App, Health Coach Institute, Adtalem Global Education & more

Description: Virtual Assistants remotely perform administrative tasks like managing schedules, arranging travel and communicating on behalf of executives and other professionals.

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Customer Service Representative

Average Base Pay: $36,859

Companies Hiring: Unified Call Solutions, West Marine, Eminence & more

Description: Customer Service Representatives are tasked with interacting with customers on behalf of a company in order to ensure their satisfaction. Their tasks may involve responding to queries and complaints, processing returns and providing information.

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