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12 Must-Apply Jobs to Check Out Today

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase before: “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But let’s be real — how many of us can actually say that we’re doing what we love? More often than not, we take the road most traveled in our careers in order to find security and stability. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

The following 12 jobs offer a great balance of exciting opportunities across a wide variety of interests. If you’re feeling restless in your current gig, it’s time to check them out. Learn more below, and make sure to apply before everyone else does!

1. Outdoor Instructor, REI

Location: Copper Mountain, CO

Job Details: “The REI Outdoor School is a place where people can learn the basics needed to embark on a new adventure. In this role, you will provide the gear and instruction to REI members and customers for activities which include: Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Natural History, Outdoor Photography and Navigation Outings for both Map & Compass and GPS.”

What Employees Say: “Excellent [benefits], ranging from Heath care, (vision and dental) to generous time off and the expectation of a healthy work life Balance. Also the quality products available to use at extreme discounts and the encouragement from management to take time to get outside and play.” —Current Outdoor Programs Supervisor

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2. Business Intelligence Analyst Intern, HP Inc.

Location: Corvallis, OR

Job Details: “The HP Big Data Business Transformation organization uses advanced analytic techniques to provide strategic business insights for the HP printing business. The Business Intelligence Analyst Intern will conduct several analysis projects to identify trends and opportunities to guide strategic decisions for the HP Print business. You will be assigned a mentor, and work with internal teams (R&D, Marketing, etc.) to analyze parameters such as usage of printer features, impact of advertising promotions, and adoption of new business models.”

What Employees Say: “Excellent learning and professional growth opportunities if you are self motivated, competitive and take the initiative. There are a lot of resources for self-directed learning and job changes to stay challenged. It is possible to stay in the company over 10 years and develop skills in a wide range of functions, geographies, and product divisions.” —Former Senior Program Manager

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3. Economist / Data Scientist, Glassdoor

Location: Mill Valley, CA

Job Details: “You will help maintain our Python and R models, develop and publish insights and commentary about trends in the labor market, and be a spokesperson for Glassdoor. In addition, you’ll do statistical research on our database of real-time job postings along with proprietary user-generated reviews and insights that spans more than 740,000 employers.”

What Employees Say: “Glassdoor is a great place for career growth, making friends, and experiencing new foods. I love our dog friendly office. It’s so fun! We’re also right beside the ocean which is just beautiful. One of my favorite parts about Glassdoor is our employer’s emphasis on employee wellness and work life balance. Unlimited PTO allows me to take sick days without stress and the freedom to work my own hours lets me schedule my day how I like it.” —Current Data Scientist

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 4. Tank Wagon Driver, Lykins Energy Solutions

Location: Massillon, OH

Job Details: “A tank wagon driver’s job varies from day to day. Assignments are given when the drivers arrive. Fuel can be delivered to homes, businesses or work sites. A work day’s length varies from 8 to 12 hours, depending on available loads and driver enthusiasm… You’ll deliver petroleum products within a day’s drive and always be home at the shift’s end.”

What Employees Say: “Family focused, Flexible scheduling in some positions, Friendly environment, Community focused and opportunity to volunteer within the community.” —Current Employee

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5. Account Manager, InsightSquared

Location: Boston, MA

Job Details: “As an AM, your primary mission will be to maximize our customers’ ROI in InsightSquared. You will develop and maintain close relationships with management sponsors, and serve as a strategic advisor to executives and key stakeholders throughout the customer lifecycle. You will work closely with InsightSquared’s Services teams to drive adoption by ensuring customers are effectively onboarded, trained, and supported throughout the customer journey.”

What Employees Say: “InsightSquared is a fantastic place to build a career. Strong leadership, a great development organization, and a go-to-market team that really develops young professionals. Like any tech startup, there’s some craziness, but I didn’t fully appreciate just how special InsightSquared was until I got out and heard stories from other teams. Lots of teams talk about culture – InsightSquared walks the walk.” —Former Product Manager

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6. Flight Simulator Technician, UPS

Location: Louisville, KY

Job Details: “The Flight Simulator Technician is responsible for repairing and monitoring a variety of simulator specific computer, hydraulic, and visual systems. Technician must be able to troubleshoot electronic equipment to the component level. Technician must have the ability to return to service all simulator equipment, using a broad knowledge gained from job experience.“

What Employees Say: “Ups teaches you how to work with a team and accomplish seemingly impossible tasks,a hard work ethic is either required, or learned quickly. The union keeps conditions fair, and secures your benefits and job.The management has always been fair, and the pay, benefits and opportunities for advancement are phenomenal.” —Current UPS Sorter

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7. Lead Game Designer, Big Fish Games

Location: Seattle, WA

Job Details: “We’re seeking a Lead Game Designer with a successful track record in designing Free-to-Play mobile games with an emphasis on mid-core products. In this position, you will lead the design efforts of project (or projects) with a constantly evolving live game service.”

What Employees Say: “Great environment & company culture. Room for growth and having your voice heard. Upper management seems to actually listen & take stock of employees.” —Current Employee

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8. Registered Nurse – Home Health, LHC Group

Location: DeRidder, LA

Job Details: “The Registered Nurse RN in Home Health provides and directs provisions of nursing care to patients in their homes as prescribed by the physician and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and agency policies. Also, The RN Registered Nurse job coordinates total plan of care with other health care professionals involved in care, and helps to achieve and maintain continuity of patient care by planning and exchanging information with physician, agency personnel, patient, family, and community resources.”

What Employees Say: “Everyone is awesome, they are always ready to greet you, and make you feel so important. I have had experience with Home Health. This company is by far one of the best. Our group is always there to help, and give constructive criticism when needed to improve our performance as a whole family.” —Current Licensed Practical Nurse

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9. Customer Success Manager, AppFolio

Location: Dallas, TX

Job Details: “By working directly with our client base you will serve as the link between AppFolio and the customer, operating as the face of our company to create AppFolio promoters within the property management industry. All CSMs complete a formal onboarding program to develop extensive product knowledge, which is invaluable for future career opportunity at AppFolio. As a member of the CSM team you will have the opportunity to develop professional communication skills, improve the customer lifetime value and directly contribute to the growth of our product and company.”

What Employees Say: “The company is built upon the shoulders amazingly smart and friendly employees and management. It’s truly fun and engaging to come to work everyday.” —Current Marketing Operations Manager

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10. Cyber Security Penetration Tester, Leidos

Location: Washington, DC

Job Details: “The DHS ESOC is responsible for pen testing resources and support for public facing sites as well as high value assets within the department. The Pen Tester will establish a pen testing program for use throughout DHS, Completes hands on pen testing capabilities, Communicates recommended solutions for addressing findings from a pen test. This is a big growth area for us and our customer over the next several years and so this role is also very strategic.”

What Employees Say: “Work environment, coworkers and team leads are great to with. Workloads vary from contracts and program teams scheduling so it is either really busy or down time. Everyone works as a team and helps out if others get swamped.” —Current Employee

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11. Community Field Representative, Guide Dogs for the Blind

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Job Details: “The CFR works out of his or her home or on one of the GDB campuses; meets with raisers to educate them; evaluate puppies’ progress, and mediate problems that arise with volunteers, puppies, and others. The CFR may also, with their manager’s approval, be actively involved in fundraising, marketing, outreach and other events throughout their territories with individual clubs or with Development and/or Marketing staff.”

What Employees Say: “To start, the campus is gorgeous and well maintained, even with all the dogs everywhere. The people who work here are very passionate about the work they do, and truly care about the dogs and clients they serve. There seems to be a real team effort mindset. The CEO is great and the most approachable CEO I’ve ever met… I’ve also never worked for an organization that gives employees so many opportunities to be heard and to voice their opinions/concerns/wants.” —Current Employee

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12. Brand Partnership Manager – ShopStyle, Ebates

Location: New York, NY

Job Details: “SHOPSTYLE is looking for a Brand Partnerships Manager to support the Brand Partnerships team in generating new business partnerships and revenue for ShopStyle Collective. This position will have an active role in growing partnerships through Influencer marketing and event opportunities, establishing strategies for portfolio growth, and executing campaigns in collaboration with our operations team.”

What Employees Say: “Positive work culture, respectful attitude toward employees at every level, and perks galore! Terrific insurance options including dental and vision coverage. 401K with employer match. Standing desks for all and subsidized YMCA membership, to help balance the abundance of free food and snacks. Going to work at Ebates is FUN!” —Current Member Services Supervisor

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