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How To Network On Social Media: Part 2

dv1923034In part one, I laid out my primary rule for networking online. One should strive to 1) be seen as either an expert or a person of influence and 2) to surround yourself with experts and people of influence. In this post, I want to continue demoing how to pull that off. How? Two words: Google+ Hangouts.

Google+ Hangouts is an instant messaging and video chat platform developed by Google. It was launched back in May 2013 and has been gaining in popularity. (At least, from what I can tell.) There are all types of Google Hangouts online covering all sorts of topics and in that is an opportunity for networking. First create a profile on Google+ that points to your professional background and experience. If it will facilitate matters, copy and paste your information from LinkedIn. (Of course, I am assuming that you already have one. If not, shame on you! But, that’s a different post.)


Now that you have your Google+ profile set up and it tells the world how much of an expert you are, your next step is to find Google+ Hangouts. Specifically, Google+ Hangouts focused on your industry niche. Why? Simply put, there will be other experts, influencers and/or enthusiasts there for you to network with. I’ve been on several hangouts and more often than not, only a few people seem to show up. However, since most Google+ Hangouts are recorded and made available on YouTube, most people view the recorded content verses participate live. If you opt to interact with a live Google+ Hangout, you have the chance for a deeper connection with the host and the participants in real-time in addition to those who will see the recording later. Make sense? In case you have never seen one, a picture of a Google+ Hangout is below.


There are a few ways to find Google+ Hangouts. Surprisingly enough, Google does not make it as easy as it could be to find them. (At least, in my humble opinion.) Here are a few methods and resources you can utilize.

Search YouTube for recorded Google+ Hangouts. In the description of the videos will often be information on when new Hangouts will be recorded. If not, click the channel name and message them directly for a schedule or just to connect.


Of course, you can change the words “NASA” and “space travel” to whatever you are searching for.

Other places you can find Google+ Hangouts are:

One more thing before I go! It is also to your advantage to share Google+ videos on your Google+ profile. Why? You could post your thoughts and/or insights on the discussed material and show off your expertise even more. It is quite possible that what you have to say will be indexed by Google and later, when someone is searching Google for someone with your expertise, well… there you are! At least, your brilliant commentary and a link to your Google+ profile filled with data about your professional background and expertise. Make sense? Hope so.

Happy Networking!