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Glassdoor Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted by LaFamilia ERG

Last Updated October 23, 2020

Today, Glassdoor is honoring its Hispanic and Latinx employees by celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month honors the long and important presence of Hispanic and Latinx peoples in the United States. It began as a week-long celebration in 1968  until 1989 when it became a month-long celebration. The 30-day period would begin on September 15th of every year as it's the anniversary of the independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. It would be followed by the independence anniversary of Mexico (16th), Chile (18th), and Belize (21st). So, this month at Glassdoor, we endeavor to celebrate, educate, and embrace the culture of all Hispanic/ Latinx Glassdoorians across the globe. 

In addition to celebrating National Hispanic Heritage month, LaFamilia, Glassdoor’s Hispanic and Latinx employee resource group, plans to launch several company-wide events to educate employees on the nuanced beauty of the Latino culture. These events will be covering topics such as being Hispanic/Latinx in America, a reading of “Abuela,” and a series of live viewing and discussion of “Immigration Nation.” La Familia's mission is to celebrate and promote awareness of the Hispanic/Latinx culture and provide professional, educational, and cultural ideas to the Glassdoor community. They are committed to addressing our Hispanic and Latinx communities' needs and providing opportunities that empower lives and careers. 

“I am not a person of color, but I truly believe that diversity and inclusion, coupled with a real sense of belonging, acts as an incredible force multiplier, opening the door to new perspectives and enhancing the creative teams needed to perform at the highest level. LaFamilia is focused on building an inclusive and engaging workplace for Latinx members at Glassdoor AND foster a sense of familia: a place where everyone feels like they belong and can do their best work. I’m thrilled to be the Executive Sponsor of LaFamilia - I look forward to growing, learning, and supporting this initiative!” -Anthony Moisant, Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer and Executive Sponsor of LaFamilia. 

Along with their members, LaFamilia’s leadership team has contributed to putting together a media repository of Latinx resources to help employees become acquainted with their culture.  The films, books, shows, and restaurants LaFamilia chose all shed light on the intricacies of the Latinx/Hispanic communities scattered throughout the United States. Above all, they’re meant to teach rather than preach, with experience and exposure. 


Hispanic vs. Latino vs. Latinx - “How do I know which to use?”

Even members of the Latinx community don’t always know the difference between the terms and when to use them. Don’t worry; our LaFamilia ERG has made it easy: 

Hispanic = a person who descends from a Spanish speaking country. The person may or may not speak Spanish.

Latino(a) = a person who was born or lived in South America, Central America, Mexico or a person in the U.S. whose family is originally from South America, Central America, or Mexico

Latinx = a gender-neutral or nonbinary alternative to Latino or Latina. 

Stay tuned for our Hispanic Heritage Heritage month cultural celebrations! 

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