No Escaping Politics…

It goes without saying that there is a lot riding on the upcoming presidential election, so for a little while longer, there will be no escaping the endless barrage of politics. But what about escaping politics of a different kind, the kind that are not tied to the election cycle but affect you just the same? I’m talking about “office politics”, and if you have ever worked for a company that suffers from it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

We decided to uncover the companies on that seem to be suffering the most from office politics. We searched more than 100,000 company reviews and counted the number of times employees used the words “politics” or “political” when describing their workplace, and then sorted by the companies where those words appeared the most. So we present to you the top 5 companies that received the most mentions of the “P” words.

5 Worst Companies for Office Politics

Rank Company % of reviews mentioning ‘politics’ or ‘political’
1 29%
2 Fidelity Investments 22%
3 Yahoo! 16%
4 Johnson & Johnson 15%
5 Procter & Gamble 15%

At the top of the list is Salesforce, with 29% of Salesforce reviews contain the ‘P’ word compared to the average of 6.5%. That means Salesforce employees are 4.5 times more likely to use the word “Politics” when describing their company than employees at other companies.  So if you don’t like office politics, you would be wise to do your homework by researching company reviews and salaries, as well as asking good questions during your interview before joining any of the aforementioned companies.

Since Salesorce made the top of the list, are you curious to know what’s going on over there?  Well, it seems that a common complaint is that internal politics factor too much into the promotion process. Here are a few review excerpts from salesforce employees:

Advancement really depends on political postering and dealing with that takes away from the fun of the actual work.  – Senior Business Analyst in San Francisco

Internal promotion has become political and long-winded. – Sales in San Francisco

Politics play a huge role in your career path. If your not part of the “club” then your path is going to be a long one, even with success. – AE in San Francisco

A very young, aggressive, smart and energized workforce has its downside: intense politics. If you are not in the right place or plugged in with the right crowd, it’s hard to get ahead – Senior Program Manager in San Francisco

Most promotions are based on political savvy instead of your contribution to the company.  – Manager, Sales Strategy in San Francisco

Clearly the above employees find the politics at salesforce a downside of working there, but different strokes for different folks.  Some people (political people) thrive in a political environment.  As one salesforce employee puts it:

If you love a political workplace, then is for you