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Nokia/Intel Partnership: Are the Employees in Support?

Nokia and Intel formally announced a long-term partnership Tuesday morning and without skipping a beat, debate fired up among reporters and analysts about who had the most to gain from this alliance. For example, as InformationWeek points out this was a “big win for Intel,” and adds “Intel has gotten a big boost into a market the chipmaker has been unable to penetrate.” However on the flip side, PC World calls out, “Intel may be taking a big risk with its dive into the mobile wireless device market with Nokia. Intel has to be careful not to upset its current partners (including Apple and Microsoft), yet still work with Nokia to deliver new and impressive devices to consumers.”

To add in another perspective, is this partnership one that employees would have suggested for their respective companies? Was Intel’s entry into the mobile market the creative and innovative direction employees wanted the company to head? And was Nokia’s partnership with Intel the technological step employees thought the company should focus on?  Provided below is snapshot of advice employees at these respective companies have suggested for senior management.

Intel Employees Advice for Senior Management: Within Intel company reviews, employees suggest cutting out bureaucracy and improving the planning process, but what we find more telling is that they caution top executives to consider more of the long-term benefits and outcomes that a new partnership would bring.

“Be a foundry and leverage your advanced process technology. Short-sighted moves like partnering with weaker companies makes them better and you weaker.” – Intel Corporation Senior Process Engineer

“Poor project planning and constant re-orgs/shuffles are distracting to the individual contributing employees.” – Intel Corporation Component Design Engineer

“Get rid of the good old boy network before it negatively impacts Intel the way it impacted the Big 3 in Detroit. Some organizations within Intel are just world class…others need a lot of work.” – Intel Corporation Process Engineer

Nokia Employees Advice for Senior Management: Nokia employees, on the other hand, seem more supportive of finding ways to advance their product line, and it may be that this partnership is just the ticket. From some of the recent commentary, Nokia employees note the thirst for keeping the Nokia technologically competitive.

“Focus on technology, instead of becoming just a user experience company.” – Nokia Architect

“More money should be focused on understanding the latest technology, rather than on marketing in random movies or buildings.” – Nokia Product Manager

“The lack of direction is frustrating…We’ve forgotten our purpose, which is make life easier for the consumers of our products. Instead of constantly expecting them to adapt to our systems.” – Nokia Manager

As the partnership begins to take effect, we will continue to keep you updated on whether company and CEO approval ratings will rise or fall. At the time of the announcement, we observe the CEOs are relatively close in approval and disapproval ratings, and that there is significant room for them to improve according to employees. Stay tuned to see if the ratings for one company and CEO start to fluctuate. Report
Company Company Rating CEO Name CEO Approval
Rating (%)
CEO Disapproval
Rating (%)
Intel 3.5 Paul S. Otellini 63 15
Nokia 3.7 Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo 61 17

Tell you us what you think about Intel’s engagement into the mobile foray. And if you work at Intel or Nokia, keep us informed as to what the impact has been on company and your job.