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You’ll Never Guess Which 3 Jobs Are Being Paid More This Month

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Move over, software engineers.

The latest edition of the Glassdoor Local Pay Reports show that America’s blue-collar jobs are continuing to experience significant year-over-year paid gains. The pay for truck drivers continues to rise and see above-average wage gains. With median base pay rising 5.3 percent from one year ago to $52,422 per year, truck drivers are in high demand.

And they’re not alone. Construction laborers saw wages rise 8.6 percent to $37,153 per year. Machine operator pay rose 7.3 percent to $36,955 per year in the U.S. Plus, the November Glsasdoor Local Pay reports show that HR recruiters are experiencing some of the nation’s fastest pay growth.

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“In an era of low unemployment and near-record job openings, it’s no surprise that HR sourcing experts are in high demand today, putting upward pressure on wages for these roles,” says Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain. Pay for recruiters in the U.S. rose 7.6 percent year over year in November to $50,105 per year.

Another job seeing growing wages? Customer service managers. Whether working retail or in call centers, customer service managers saw pay rise 8.1 percent year over year to $49,218 per year.

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Need a better paying job?

Consider these thriving professions, and you may want to think about moving to Hollywood. Among metros tracked by Glassdoor, the most notable year-over-year growth in November was in Los Angeles at 4.3 percent to $58,973 median base pay . That compares to 3.9 percent last month. Los Angeles is followed by San Francisco (4.0 percent to $65,280, down from 4.2 percent last month), New York City (3.3 percent to $60,168, down from 3.9 percent last month), and Chicago (3.1 percent to $55,872, up from 2.8 percent last month). Houston’s year-over-year median base pay growth was just1.0 percent in November, down from 1.6 percent last month, to $54,173.

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