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November's Review of the Month

Things are looking up for those in the auto industry. Not only did the White House and Democratic Congressional leaders report Monday that carmakers General Motors and Chrysler are one step closer to receiving a possible emergency bailout, but one current GM employee will be receiving $500 for the company review they submitted at This GM employee, a Designing Engineer in Warren, Mich., is the winner of Glassdoor’s November Review of the Month. This review was selected due to its candid look inside one of the major US car manufacturers while managing to see the silver lining despite the company’s hardships. As of today, employees give GM a 64% company satisfaction rating and CEO Rick Wagoner Jr. receives a modest 46% approval rating.

Check out some of the pros, cons and advice to senior management this one employee has to offer…

Here are some of the things to take advantage of if employed by GM:

“There is a great technical education program for those who are interested. It is possible to complete advanced degrees and improve one’s skills conveniently and at very little cost. Finally, the working hours can be very flexible for those who have special circumstances or when unexpected events arise.”

In terms of drawbacks,  this GM employee discusses the challenges of advancing your career internally:

“There are very few opportunities for advancement even for talented employees. The reason for this is that as the company has gotten smaller it has also gotten very top heavy. There are a large number of managers and senior executives with seemingly little responsibility. Many of these managers have few employees that they supervise and their responsibilities are only slightly greater than those of the employees they supervise. As a result, it is difficult for younger employees to be promoted to leadership positions because there are already too many managers and not enough employees.”

Lastly, in advice to senior management, the employee does not pick at the company’s tactical inefficiencies but rather asks company leaders to take a more macro-level perspective when evaluating how to improve the business model. The Designing Engineer comments:

“GM should get out of the business of fighting fires and get into the business of having a real vision and strategy for the future.”

Congratulations to this month’s winner!