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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Steps Down; Former HP CEO Mark Hurd And Safra Catz Named CEOs

Today Larry Ellison, founder and CEO of Oracle is stepping down as CEO. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ellison, who recently turned 70 years old, is turning over Oracle to two of his deputies, Mark Hurd and Safra Catz. The two have shared power as Oracle’s presidents since 2010, when Ellison hired Hurd after he left Hewlett-Packard Co. under a cloud of scandal.

oracle 2An interesting move given that Mark Hurd held a 34% cumulative approval rating, according to employees on Glassdoor at the time he was ousted from Hewlett Packard.

Below are some of the reviews HP employees left in the days prior to Hurd’s departure:

“Please replace Mark Hurd with someone that knows how to bring HP back to being the innovator it once was!” – Hewlett-Packard Systems Engineer (Marlborough, MA)

“You need to replace the CEO with someone who have a vision for growth for our company not someone who only cuts costs.” – Hewlett-Packard Software Engineer (Houston, TX)

To date, Larry Ellison holds a 76% approval rating (24% disapproval). The average CEO approval rating on Glassdoor is 65%. So how do employees feel about Ellison and the senior management team?

An Oracle Sr. Principal Consultant (location n/a) writes in, “There are lots of smart people. It’s a decent paycheck….[But] High turnover of senior management makes you who wonder who’s at the helm. There’s no feeling of connection to the CFO. Never ever hear from Mr. Ellison. No sense of excitement to work for a company that’s doing good in the world.”

An Oracle Vice President (Reston, VA) notes, “Dear Mr. Ellison. Change your executive team, adopt a go to market strategy, hire new R&D people for the future and senior management team to lead your divisions.”

A former Oracle employee (San Francisco, CA) adds, “New management coming in from HP are cutting many benefits and are primarily focused on HW/Sun.”

As one Oracle employee said (Bloomfield, CO), “Poor managers that outsource and so worried about the bottom line, as passed down from Larry, that it ruined the company….Bring back caring into the people of the company.”

Also, when Oracle employees are asked if they believe the company’s outlook will get better, stay the same or get worse in the next six months, 45% believe the business outlook looks positive for the next few months. However, the company does receive a 3.3 company rating (the average on Glassdoor is also 3.3, ratings are based on a 5-point scale, 1=very dissatisfied, 5= very satisfied) – company ratings shed light as to how satisfied employees are with their jobs and the company.

Do you work at Oracle? What do you think about the change up at the top and the culture within the company? Share a company review.