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Oracle Shareholders Not the Only Ones to Complain About Ellison’s Salary

It was announced today that Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle has agreed to be paid a salary of $1 for the upcoming fiscal year, down from the $1 million he got in the 2009 fiscal year. The move comes after Ellison was criticized at last fall’s annual meeting for making $543.8 million when he exercised 36 million stock options. And it’s not only the stockholders expressing concerns over Ellison’s significant executive compensation.

Here’s what employees have to say:

Stock option grants are small and infrequent while Larry and his cronies give themselves millions every year. – Oracle Director (Redwood City, CA)

NO pay raises. No advancement opportunities. Too many management levels; almost no real communication from upper management. Executives get high pay and stock options; workers get nothing. Stock purchase plan for employees is a joke.  – Oracle Systems Engineer (Location n/a)

Company does not reward company loyalty. Employees promoted from within are usually paid 30-40% below external hires.  – Oracle Sales Representative (Dublin, Ireland)

Here’s how Oracle employees’ salaries compare to Ellison’s:

Oracle Salaries – Glassdoor Salary

Larry Ellison currently holds a moderate 63% approval rating and a 13% disapproval rating, and interestingly, he falls among the top 100 highest rated CEOs on as of today (ranking #85 among CEOs with more than 25 reviews).