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Glassdoor Is Hiring Like Crazy — Apply Now!

Now’s your chance to join Glassdoor! If you’ve got experience in sales and you’ve got the right combination of confidence and tenaciousness, Glassdoor may...

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How One CEO Successfully Built A 100% Remote Workforce

Photo gift online retailer Collage.com has disrupted the industry with its photo fleece blankets,  gifts for every occasion as well as its…

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15 Words and Phrases to Never Include in a Cover Letter

While many job applications have the word “optional” next to the field that asks for a cover letter, it shouldn’t be overlooked….

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11 Cool Companies Hiring In Boston

Everyone knows that Boston is one of the most historically relevant cities in the United States: home to the Red Sox, the…

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Transform Your Accounting Job With These 5 Tools

Do you love accounting but feel bored at work sometimes? It’s hard to ignore the repetitive nature of some tasks. Thankfully, automated…

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Better Sleep

Does your nighttime routine consist of scrolling through your iPhone until you get so tired that you accidentally drop your phone on…

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7 Money-Making Questions to Ask About Employee Stock Options

Stock options can be complex to understand – which is exactly why it’s important to have a firm grip on what they…

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13 Phenomenal Office Spaces of Companies Hiring Now

Coming to work should be a treat, not torture. And while we can’t quite fix your nagging coworker or your micromanaging boss,…

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Ask a Resume Writer: How Do I Showcase Transferable Skills?

“I’m looking to make a career change, and keep hearing about transferable skills. Do they matter, and how can I showcase them…

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25 Reddit Life Pro Tips That’ll Help You Hack Your Career

Oh, Reddit. We can always count on you to provide us with crowdsourced wisdom. Whether it’s instructions on how to fix a…

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3 Negotiation Traps Every Employee Needs to Watch Out For

Several years ago I was asked to run a negotiation workshop for the sales staff of a major magazine publisher. It was—and…

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How To Bounce Back From A Silly Email Mistake

Everyone’s done it: hit “reply all” when they meant to just hit “reply,” sent a snarky email to someone other than the…

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10 Best Ruth Bader Ginsberg Quotes of All Time

Today should be a national holiday: It’s Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s birthday! She turns 84 years fabulous today and has…

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