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The 30 Most Important Interview Questions to Ask This Summer

While many employees are enjoying spending their PTO on vacation in a remote country or hitting the beach, many Americans are on...

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12 Questions To Identify A Good Employer

Employers have standard questions and tests they use in their hiring processes to identify job candidates that they think are a good…

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5 Tips To Securing Your Dream Job

Remember when you dreamed about becoming a movie star or an astronaut? Or maybe you wanted to design sports cars for a…

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Social Media: Are You Everywhere But Nowhere?

I believe that social networking sites play a vital role in your career, and that to remain forward-looking and modern appearing in…

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Not All Technology Is Good For Your Career

We have come so far and we are only just in the first decade of being able to network online with other…

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Top 5 Most Common Interview Questions For Interns

After Glassdoor recently revealed its list of Oddball Interview Questions For Interns, below is a list of five of the Most Common…

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Glassdoor Co-Founder Sounds Off On Steve Jobs' Resignation

With Apple CEO Steve Jobs stepping down as the company’s top boss, Glassdoor co-founder Tim Besse shares perspective on what this unexpected…

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How To Compete With Younger Job Seekers

Much like Moby Dick’s great white whale, the supposed mythical “gray ceiling” may indeed be based on reality. According to data released…

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10 Oddball Interview Questions For Interns (Fall Edition)

To help get a leg up during your interview, Glassdoor has combed through thousands of interview questions intern candidates have shared over…

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Employment Discrimination For The Unemployed

Unbelievably, the United States, known for its many workplace anti-discrimination laws, does not currently have a law banning discrimination against being unemployed.…

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Five Intangible Attributes of Good Companies

There are important but less tangible ways of assessing companies as employers, sellers and stewards. Here are snippets from “Good Company: Business…

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Anatomy Of A Memorable Resume

Getting the right résumé formula isn’t as hard as it looks. Here’s a top-to-bottom list to help you craft the perfect résumé.

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How Google+ Can Help Your Job Search

If you’re lucky enough to land an invitation to join Google+, you’ll have a whole new arsenal of job search opportunities at…

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