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We Just Can’t Unplug: 2 in 3 Employees Report Working While on Vacation

It’s that time of year: summer vacation season. Whether you’re hopping on a cruise or jetting to a picturesque island or even...

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How to Get Back Into the Workforce After A Maternity Leave

At times, returning to work can stress new moms out as they think about childcare, schedules, the demands of the job and the emotions…

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What All Managers Can Learn from Steve Harvey’s Latest Fiasco

Few thought that TV personality Steve Harvey could incur more ire than he did after he mistakenly announced the wrong winner at…

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“Claim Your Age”: Ashton Applewhite Gets Fired Up About Aging & The Workplace

Don’t tell Ashton Applewhite that she looks good for her age. Or that she’s sharp for her age, or witty for her…

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How to Promote Yourself in Today’s Job Market

In the age of social media, there are many more options for job seekers to make themselves stand out against other candidates….

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Ask A Resume Writer: Do I Need to “Game” Applicant Tracking Systems to Land In…

“I know companies use  Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan resumes for keywords- do I need to ‘game’ these systems to start…

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9 Cool Companies With Unlimited Vacation

Tired of waiting to accrue days off in order to take a short family vacation? Do you have more plans than you’ve…

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Write an Irresistible First Resume in 5 Easy Steps

Writing a resume is easy — writing a good first resume, however, is something else entirely, especially when it’s your first time putting…

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The Secret Way to Score a Bonus at Work

What if there was a way to earn hundreds, or even thousands, of extra dollars at work with no need to reach…

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5 Ways to Tackle Your Exit Interview Like A Pro

Whether you’re leaving your job on good terms or bad ones, chances are an exit interview will be part of the process….

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Glassdoor Is Hiring Like Crazy — Apply Now!

Now’s your chance to join Glassdoor! If you’ve got experience in sales and you’ve got the right combination of confidence and tenaciousness, Glassdoor may…

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8 Things You Should Never Say In A Meeting

When the patience is low and the stress is high, when you want to smile but you also just want to cry,…

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Is It Ever Okay to Apply for a Job if You’re Underqualified?

Short answer: yes. If you’re on the job hunt, you have probably seen many postings that you almost meet the requirements for,…

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