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Clorox CEO Benno Dorer is #1 on Glassdoor’s Highest Rated CEOs for 2017

They’re often the first ones in the office, and the last ones to leave. They’re responsible for steering the ship through both...

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GitHub VP Tells Companies & Job Seekers “Don’t Get Left Behind”

Diversity breeds innovation. Period. It’s just that simple for Nicole Sanchez, VP of Social Impact at GitHub. Sanchez has been working to increase diversity…

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250 Ivy League Courses You Can Take Online For Free

The 8 Ivy League schools are among the most prestigious colleges in the world. They include Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale,…

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9 Ways to Stay Focused at Work After a Breakup

Ending a relationship pretty much always hard, especially around Valentine’s Day. It undoubtedly affects your emotions, and your emotions dictate your behavior….

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6 Ways to Make Your Individuality Shine In A Job Application

“Whitening the Resume.” That is what the headline of a 2009 New York Times article read. A gripping, three-word phrase that described…

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Ask a Resume Writer: How Can I Show Culture Fit?

“Does showing culture fit with a company add value to my resume?” There’s a fierce battle going on in hiring circles between…

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Two Millennial Founders Talk: Why It Pays to Ask For Help

This piece originally appeared on The Well, Jopwell’s editorial hub. It was written by Jopwell and is reprinted here with permission.  In 2016,…

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Dallas, You’re Leaving $6.6 Billion On The Table—Here’s How!

Today, the U.S. has millions of job openings. Contrary to popular belief, there are millions of available jobs and each represents a…

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The Dos & Dont’s Of An Office Romance

You’ve probably heard that work and dating don’t mix — the potential for conflict, drama and hurt feelings that comes with any…

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Pinterest’s Head of Diversity: “This Is Not A Volume Game”

After years of industry insiders discussing workplace diversity and inclusion as though it were a numbers game, many on the front lines…

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Glassdoor Announces Salary Estimates, Find Out What a Job Pays Before Applying

One of the most frustrating things about applying to a new job is how long you have to wait before you can…

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How to Use Glassdoor for Modern Dating

It’s a complex dating world out there. Apps like Tinder, eHarmony and Match.com house endless sources of potential partners. Traditional ways of…

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5 Warnings to Consider Before Working From Home Full Time

With the internet and other communication tools revolutionizing the workplace, more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to work from home….

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