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How to Ace Your Next Interview

Interviews are one of the hardest parts of the job search process. You’re trying to make a great first impression, you’re meeting with...

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Hillary Clinton Urges Women to Fight Sexism, Discrimination in the Workplace

After months of taking walks in the woods and recovering from her loss in the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton is back…

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What Your Favorite Superhero Says About You In Job Interviews

Superheroes are cool. From their names that ooze with authority (think Captain America and Wonder Woman) to their undeniably cool costumes, who…

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11 Things To Avoid Doing In Your First 30 Days

In the honeymoon period of a new job, any and everything feels possible. You’re meeting new people, settling into your office, and…

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7 Companies With Awesome Company Swag, Hiring Now!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: People will do nearly anything for a free T-shirt. In the past decade…

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QUIZ: Is Your Company Toxic?

Find a job that fits your life! Search millions of jobs today!  

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10 Hot Companies in Hawaii Hiring Now

Beaches, warm weather, vibrant culture and diverse food make Hawaii an ideal place to live. However, those are the things, along with…

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Glassdoor CEO: It’s Important To Work For A Company That Embraces Transparency

Nearly 10 years ago, Glassdoor was just an idea. Today, Glassdoor aggregates millions of job listings and is one of the fastest‐growing…

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The One Word Women Should Never Say At Work

In 2014, women got a wake-up call. It seemed as though the universe had spoken and everyone from Pantene to the New…

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19 Jobs Where You Can Live Large On $60k

As the cost of living soars nationwide and salaries inch along, we can’t help but think: Is it still possible to provide for…

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Have You Taken the Pay Equality Pledge?

Equal Pay Day is on Tuesday, April 4th. This date symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men…

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10 of the Biggest Mistakes New Managers Make & How to Avoid Them

Every new manager messes up at some point. What really matters is whether he or she responds with grace and humility, is…

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How to Zip It and Take a Compliment

Fun fact about me: I am absolutely terrible at taking compliments, especially when it pertains to my career. Seriously, just ask my…

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