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Clorox CEO Benno Dorer is #1 on Glassdoor’s Highest Rated CEOs for 2017

They’re often the first ones in the office, and the last ones to leave. They’re responsible for steering the ship through both...

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9 Companies Outside of Silicon Valley With Unlimited Vacation

Ever feel like you just don’t get enough time off at your current position? Then you might be interested to hear that…

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7 Lies Job Seekers Need to Stop Telling Themselves in 2017

Congrats! You’ve made a set of New Year’s resolutions for both your personal and professional lives. You’re back from a holiday vacation…

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Cosmetic Surgery Startup RealSelf CEO Celebrates Growth & Admits “Sometimes It̵…

The first thing you see when you walk into RealSelf’s office in Seattle is a chalk wall on which is written the…

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5 Jobs with the Biggest Pay Gains & Declines Now

Jobs that are highest paying aren’t always the ones that grow the most. Thankfully, Glassdoor’s Local Pay Reports offer insight into which…

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10 Jobs Hiring Like Crazy in 2017

Americans are living longer, more fulfilling lives. While this is great for AARP, it’s also a boon for a bunch of jobs…

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11 Awesome Companies Hiring Now

Ride the wave of New Year’s excitement into a new job for 2017! Recruiters have come back from holiday vacations eager to score…

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5 Ways to Eliminate Salary Negotiation Anxiety in 2017

For many job seekers, the thought of negotiating the terms of a proposed compensation package inspires a flurry of discomfort. Is it…

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What Do Graphic Designers Do?

Think Graphic Designers are just professional doodlers? Think again. Graphic Designers use images, typography and animated graphics to communicate a wide array…

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10 Most Notable Executives of 2016

First, a toast. Let us raise our Venti non-fat chai latte whatevers to Howard Schultz, who’s leaving Starbucks for the second time….

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What Does an Executive Assistant Do?

They may not always be at the front-and-center of an organization, but an Executive Assistant is the unsung hero and Chief Efficiency…

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15 of the Most Popular Employee Perks

In a time where many on social media are bashing 2016, the year has actually been a good one for employee perks….

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What Does a Business Analyst Do?

Business Analyst is one of those hot positions that seem to be popping up everywhere — but the title is vague enough…

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