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13 Hot Jobs You Must Apply To Today

We’ve all been there — you spot a dream job in your search and you make a mental note to apply when you’ve...

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Donald Trump Is the President Elect of the United States of America

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. Early Wednesday morning, news media declared the election in Trump’s…

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How Soon Should You Put In For Holiday Vacation?

One of the best things about the holiday season is getting to finally score some much-needed time off. The only problem? Everyone…

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How Geena Davis Is Fighting Hollywood Gender Bias With Technology

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Thelma and Louise, the Hollywood feminist landmark that proved that a film starring two actresses—Geena…

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How To Deal With A Political Win or Loss at the Office

Donald J. Trump is our next president. In an election upset, Trump won 288 to Hillary Clinton’s 215 electoral votes. Whether you’re…

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5 Signs You’ve Got a Bad Mentor

It’s easy to pick out a bad boss from the crowd. In fact, most of us have had one—or a few—throughout our…

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What Does A Publicist Do?

Hold the velvet rope and cork the champagne—publicists aren’t running around in evening wear all day. While social events are part of…

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Build An EVP With No Budget. Uber Did It And You Can Too

When Andrew Levy walked through the doors of Uber HQ in San Francisco in 2015, he was well aware of the daunting…

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One Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Professional Karma

As the year winds down, many of us are taking a look back at our 2016 accomplishments. And in many cases, we…

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Here’s What a Mentor Can (And Can’t) Do For Your Career

Contrary to popular opinion, a mentor is not a job recruiter. He or she is not tasked with helping you land your…

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11 Jobs That Are More Stable Than Your Last Relationship

Are you worried about the next recession? While the U.S. economy is fairly healthy right now, no one has a crystal ball,…

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Here’s What A Trump Win Could Mean For the Job Market & You

President Barack Obama inherited a tumultuous economy eight years ago when he assumed his role as Commander-in-Chief. But over the course of…

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Here’s What a Clinton Win Would Mean For the Job Market & You

This past September signified 72 straight months of consecutive job gains, according to Glassdoor’s recent jobs report and chief economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain….

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