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15 Companies With Excellent Work-Life Balance Hiring Now

Have you found yourself working a 10-hour day only to go home with a sore back dreading the 2 more hours of...

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How to Ensure Your Promotion Ahead of Review Time

Have you been working hard lately — putting in long hours, picking up extra projects and helping your boss with their workload?…

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This Dreaded Interview Question May Soon Be Illegal

Your interview is going great — then, all of a sudden, the topic of pay comes up and the hiring manager asks,…

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The One Way You’re Sabotaging Your Chances for a New Job

Of course there are lots of ways you can sabotage an interview. But we’re going to assume you know better than to…

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8 Networking Strategies You Haven’t Thought of Yet

You know the drill: Reach out to a friend of a friend, compliment her career, ask her for a coffee date, and…

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13 Mistakes Employees Make When Trying to Land a Promotion

You’re trying to land a promotion, so you’re not exactly out to commit a work faux pas. Yet, according to career coach…

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9 Unmistakeable Signs of an Amazing Place to Work

When you walk through the door for your first interview with a company, your mind is racing: Am I prepared for their…

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Can You Negotiate More Equity Shares In Lieu of Pay?

You’ve been interviewing for a while and they’re ready to make you an offer. You really want this job, and you’re excited…

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How College Students Can Set Themselves Up for a Successful Tech Career

The tech industry is white-hot, with loads of fresh graduates competing every year for jobs at companies like Facebook and Google. But…

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Attending A Conference? Here’s How To Walk Away With A Solid Network

The inherent problem with attending an industry-related conference is that all or most of the attendees are on a similar mission. You are all…

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9 Ways to Make Flex Work Work for You

Flex work arrangements are becoming increasingly common, as workplace tech evolves and allows remote employees to be productive and engaged members of a…

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Is It Presumptive to Ask About Raises In a Job Interview?

When you sit down for a job interview, it’s perfectly natural to want to know how you’ll be compensated now and in…

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QUIZ: Should I Look For A New Job or Stay Put?

Find a job that fits your life. Glassdoor.

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