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13 Phenomenal Office Spaces of Companies Hiring Now

Coming to work should be a treat, not torture. And while we can’t quite fix your nagging coworker or your micromanaging boss, we can show you inside some of the coolest office spaces across the country. And we’re not just talking about tech companies. Car manufacturers, travel companies, CPGs and even publishers are stepping up their game when it comes to corporate culture and interior design. You won’t see any drab cubicles or windowless dungeons here.

If you’re on the hunt for a new gig, take a second to browse through the company photos on Glassdoor to get a sense of where you could work. There’s nothing worse than landing a great new job only to see that you’ll be confined to what was once a storage closet. Check out these awesome companies that are hiring and offer the kind of work environment that you’ve always dreamt of.

HIPNY Cadillac Workplace 20160424 53 700x525

1. Cadillac (Owned by General Motors)
Cool Office Perks: Cadillac’s Soho NYC global headquarters radiate a modern, contemporary Cadillac. With sleek, streamlined furnishings and an open floorplan, GM makes it clear that Cadillac isn’t just your grandfather’s favorite, it’s yours too.
What Employees Say: “Generous time off (Holidays) nice benefit package. High performers are rewarded and promoted and put on good projects. GM will sponsor permanent residency for motivated employees. I only spend 40 hrs a week and not expected to be answering emails at all hours of the day. Very good work/life balance. Don’t forget that GM employee discount on cars.”Current CAE Engineer

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a picture of near where my office used to be

2. Pixar Animation Studios
Cool Office Perks: Much like the movies they create, there is plenty to play with at Pixar’s Emeryville, CA offices. Each employee cubicle is customized and conference rooms are packed with life-size movie characters, space hoppers, scooters and seemingly endless amounts of cereal.
What Employees Say: “Amazing culture, wonderful people, and exciting projects that create impact and tug on your heart strings.” Current Animator

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gensler office

3. Gensler
Cool Office Perks: Gensler Denver features stadium seating in the lobby with a café area and coffee bar, encouraging interaction and providing casual work zones, while also accommodating large events. The office design pays close attention to ergonomics, acoustics, air quality, craftsmanship, and the incorporation of nature.
What Employees Say: “I love the people I work with, as well as the culture we have at Gensler. I have great supervisors who push me to do better and be better. They are patient when I make mistakes and have been so encouraging as I grow in my position here. I have been at Gensler less than a year and I can already say that it is one of my favorite companies I’ve worked for because of this. No employee is perfect and having that kind of support is invaluable. We have great benefits and it is truly amazing when your hard work and the time you take to go the extra mile is acknowledged. It actually pays off!” Current Employee

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Screen Shot 2017 03 15 at 12.13.22 PM

4. Etsy
Cool Office Perks: Etsy’s nine-floor, 200,000-square-foot headquarters in Brooklyn is filled with toxin-free paint, salvaged wood, and furnishings purchased from Etsy seller. Outdoor gardens, rooftop collaboration spaces and even a few “breathing rooms” for meditation and yoga make this an enviable office space.
What Employees Say: “Etsy truly does take care of their employees. Wonderful, supportive environment. Etsy really does care about their core missions and beliefs. They are very flexible and understanding with needing to work from home, or when things come up in life. Etsy has a very social culture. They work hard to listen to employee feedback, adjust, and adapt to things happening in society.” Current Employee

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Screen Shot 2017 03 20 at 3.53.58 PM

5. Heineken USA
Cool Office Perks: It’s no surprise that beer and beer bottles are on full display at the Heineken USA headquarters in White Plains, New York. From bottles artistically inlaid into the walls, to bold wall graphics and a huge bar for the company’s weekly happy hours, Heineken is the epitome of a cool, collaborative office environment.
What Employees Say: “The people are great. The fact that it’s a family run organization really helps in building positive relationships and passion for our products. Everyone “bleeds green.” Current Employee

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the get away room at the domain office

6. HomeAway
Cool Office Perks: If you like to feel like you’re not stuck in the typical cubicle-filled office, HomeAway’s Austin office has the blend of old school and new school that you’re looking for. From Moroccan-style living rooms to Lego-filled phone rooms and even a conference room that’ll remind you of a ’50s diner, employees can transport themselves to far-flung places just by walking down the halls.
What Employees Say: “The employees are fantastic. Everyone at HA is there because they love travel and technology. They are smart, collaborative, and motivated. HA changes rapidly to adjust to an increasingly competitive landscape so for people who enjoy a challenge and thrive in the midst of change, HomeAway is a fantastic place to be.” Current Employee

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recruiters on the slide

7. Commvault
Cool Office Perks: Commvault’s New Jersey office was built for employees to have fun. It comes with a basketball court, softball diamond, and cricket field, not to mention an indoor slide. Why take the elevator from the fourth floor to the third, when you can just take the slide? The dozens of windows and natural light pouring in are a major upgrade from Commvault’s previous office space which was not very affectionately called “the dungeon.”
What Employees Say: “Work hard play hard; unlimited PTO with managers approval, work from home flexibility, day 1 benefits, growth opportunities, outstanding Senior Leadership!” Current Executive Assistant

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LakeTrustHQ20015 700x467

8. Lake Trust Credit Union
Cool Office Perks: Seeking to redefine what a bank looks like, Lake Trust features an open-air, three-floor design that screams of transparency and modernity. Employees enjoy the two-story front porch, second-floor balcony, outdoor dining and conferencing terrace with wetland views.
What Employees Say: “Great environment. As of 06/2016 the company is in a growth pattern which means opportunity. The benefits package is fantastic. They will pay you what you are worth and reward excellence. How do you not like a getting better or at least striving for it. Good work, life balance due to hours, even if Saturdays are a constant reality.” Current Members Experience Associate

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conde nast 1024x576 09 1439926800 1024x576

9. Condé Nast
Cool Office Perks: With 16 print titles and 20 websites, Conde Nast sits perched in the One World Trade Center building in NYC and features a very fashion-forward, minimalist-chic palette with high-end finishes. If there was a The Devil Wears Prada sequel, this is definitely where it would be filmed.
What Employees Say: “Top brands that look amazing on your résumé. Pay is decent. Little oversight: your weird idea can make it to production within a day. Designers and editors care deeply about their work and how it’s presented.” Former Front End Engineer

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thumbs 18114 dry erase hallway autodesk gensler 1115.jpg.770x0 q95

10. Autodesk
Cool Office Perks: As the world leader in 3D design software, it’s no surprise that Autodesk would tap Gensler to design their new SF office space that spans three floors (all certified LEED Platinum) surrounding an atrium. Intricate woodwork and pops of yellow and blue make the environment collaborative and energetic.
What Employees Say: “Supportive, collaborative team. Innovative, high impact products. Strong focus on skills training and development. Positive, happy team environment. Great office location in San Francisco.” Current Employee

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LS20100831 freepeople 022 001 700x468

11. Urban Outfitters
Cool Office Perks: The bohemian hipster retailer is all about the earthy materials and colorful tones inside it’s Pennsylvania headquarters as well. Employees are sparked with creativity thanks to the revamped industrial building that is filled natural light from the huge windows around the perimeter of the building.
What Employees Say: “The people there were the best part about working for Urban Outfitters. It was a cool and relaxed environment, but everyone was passionate about the company and getting our work done.” Former Sales Associate

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dropbox sf hq 1

12. Dropbox
Cool Office Perks: Like many tech companies, Dropbox is heavy on the perks: a karaoke bar, a deep focus room, Dr. Strangelove-inspired war rooms for handling crises, massive mirrors that make the bustling outside seem like it’s come flooded in and hanging topiaries that offer more than enough to stare at during meetings.
What Employees Say: “After having been a fan of the product itself and a long-time user, I was hopeful when I joined that they would live up to my very high expectations. So far I’ve been very pleasantly surprised to learn that the culture and environment is even better than I had expected. After having worked at several large tech companies in the area, I have realistic expectations when it comes to culture and work environment and often after seeing behind the curtains am disappointed with the results, however here I haven’t seen anything that is popping that bubble. Even though we work in a satellite office (the HQ is in San Francisco) they are very careful to ensure that we maintain that environment that makes Dropbox special, as well as including everyone and being very transparent so that we don’t end up feeling like a lonely island.” Current Technical Recruiter

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13. Alcatel-Lucent (Acquired by Nokia)
Cool Office Perks: You may just be unable to get work done for staring at Alcatel-Lucent’s wave-like walls of glass and clusters of uber modern lounge seating.
What Employees Say: “The people were team focused and high quality oriented. Enthusiastic with goals and customer satisfaction. The workforce in the field and in management were above average and truly dedicated. I loved working with all the people involved. We moved mountains in the name of quality and customer satisfaction.” Former Quality Assurance Specialist

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