Philadelphia’s Fastest Growing Jobs in May


2019 got off to a rough start, with slow hiring across many fields, but new Glassdoor research shows that is no longer the case. “Despite a slowing housing market, lingering fears of a trade war with China, and waning consumer confidence, the economy’s fundamentals remain strong on Glassdoor as we head into the summer months,” says Glassdoor Chief Economist, Dr. Andrew Chamberlain. Philly is certainly no exception, with a large increase in open jobs and a steady climb in median pay.

Here are the top 10 fastest growing jobs in the Philadelphia metro area.

Pharmacy Technician

Median Salary: $30,404

Year-Over-Year Growth Rate: 7.6%

Working as a pharmacy technician includes tasks such as operating medication dispensers, packaging and labeling prescriptions, and communicating with doctors to verify prescriptions. “This role has seen strong pay gains throughout the past year, riding the wave of a growing healthcare industry throughout the U.S.,” says Chamberlain.

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Machine Operator

Median Salary: $43,273

Year-Over-Year Growth Rate: 5.1%

The May 2019 Glassdoor Job Market Report revealed a nationwide 2% climb in median salary this May, most likely due to unemployment being at an all-time low. Machine operators gained more than double, with a 5.1% year-over-year salary increase in the Philadelphia area.

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Truck Driver

Median Salary: $59,802

Year-Over-Year Growth Rate: 5.0%

Truck drivers are seeing strong pay gains thanks to the strong growth of the e-commerce sector. Truck drivers can also expect a higher than average pay in the Philadelphia area, where the median salary is $56,764 according to the May Glassdoor Job Market Report.

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Median Salary: $27,667

Year-Over-Year Growth Rate: 4.3%

Retail jobs are expected to grow thanks to the strong economy, and cashiers can plan to cash in on that trend. Be sure to check our guide to the best retail companies to work for in 2019 to make sure you find the right fit!

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Bank Teller

Median Salary: $33,315

Year-Over-Year Growth Rate: 4.0%

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, a number of banks are looking to push into Philadelphia in coming expansions. This, along with an increasing number of banks raising minimum wage nationally means that bank tellers have excellent potential for salary growth in 2019.

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Office Manager

Median Salary: $53,837

Year-Over-Year Growth Rate: 3.9%

Office managers play a critical role making sure that employees are working as efficiently as possible by helping organize filing systems, recruiting and onboarding new workers, and managing payroll. A good manager works to support professional development of their coworkers and employees.

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Restaurant Manager

Median Salary: $53,603

Year-Over-Year Growth Rate: 3.7%

Have you ever dreamed of running Philly’s hottest new cheesesteak joint, BYOB bistro, or pub? Now is a great time to apply to be a restaurant manager! Be sure you can think on your feet, have an eye for detail, and a customer service focused mindset.

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Delivery Driver

Median Salary: $41,981

Year-Over-Year Growth Rate: 3.5%

As e-commerce becomes more and more dominant, businesses like Amazon are relying on an increasingly robust delivery network to make sure their packages get out on time. “With the nation’s unemployment rate at a 50-year low, pay is on the rise as a growing number of employers are facing labor shortages in tech, e-commerce, healthcare, and many lower-skilled roles,“ explains Chamberlain.

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Emergency Medical Technician

Median Salary: $38,667

Year-Over-Year Growth Rate: 3.4%

If you can handle the pressure, working as an Emergency Medical Technician could be an incredibly rewarding position. In addition to great salary growth this past month, there is also a clear path to pay raises through the certification courses to become an advanced EMT or paramedic.

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Sales Representative

Median Salary: $53,525

Year-Over-Year Growth Rate: 3.3%

Sales representatives are the driving force in turning leads into customers, but also have to think beyond making the deal. Jeff Winters, CEO of Sapper Consulting says, “success isn’t necessarily just a sale, but rather a loyal customer.” For more info on how to land your next position as a sales representative, check out our guide on how to get a sales job.

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This summer is looking to be one of the strongest times in 2019 to get a new job in Philadelphia, with millions of jobs listed on Glassdoor. Get started with your search today!

Methodology: Glassdoor’s Fastest Growing Salaries report ranks the jobs with the highest year-over-year percent salary growth, using data from Glassdoor’s Job Market Report for May 2019. The Job Market Report uses millions of anonymous salary reports to estimate median salaries for given metro areas and job titles. For more information, read our full methodology report.

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