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Pink Slip Capitals: Tips on finding jobs in the cities with the most lay-offs recently wrote a piece highlighting the top 5 cities with the most lay-offs thus far in 2009 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  As noted in the article, many of the cities broadly affected are those that are home to some of the largest companies- think car manufactures, financial capitals, hospitality hubs, etc.  It’s not too surprising then, to see the list below of what they found: 

Glassdoor Report: Cities with the most lay-offs in 2009


Number of Lay-offs

Unemployment Rate*







Los Angeles



New York



Las Vegas



* As of March 2009 

For individuals living in these cities, chances are competition for jobs is more intense than ever, and thus its valuable to do as much as possible to prep for the interviews they do land.  This includes not only doing research on the company’s background, but also what their employees have to say about working there, and any insight into the interview process. 

For the cities listed above, we’ve pulled together some questions being asked by companies located in these areas below that seem to take into consideration the current job environment we’re in:

What are your expectations of your employer with relation to your homelife? – Senior Associate, Digitas (Detroit)

Do you think this job is below your skill level?- Data Entry, Children’s Memorial Hospital(Chicago)

Why do you want to work in the home building industry at a time like this? – Administrative Assistant, KB Homes (Los Angeles)

How long have you been actively looking for employment? – Product Manager, Famers Group (Los Angeles)

If you had to give up a social engagement for work- even a vacation, would you be able to? – Support Specialist, Xerox (New York)

Can you transition well from being a salaried employee of 19 years to a 1099 self-employed independent agent?- Sales Associate, Aflac (Las Vegas)

Whether you are currently employed, just started looking after leaving a job or been unemployed for some time now, anticipating questions like the ones above can help give you a leg up when it comes to the interview.  Be sure to take a look at details of the specific company you’ve applied on  as well to gain even more insight to help you make a good impression.