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Popular Companies Using AI to Interview & Hire You

Posted by Amy Elisa Jackson

Last Updated December 31, 2018

There are many powerful examples of how artificial intelligence, or AI, has positively impacted the world in recent years. From Siri to Alexa, self-driving vehicles to targeted advertisements, it’s hard to find an industry or element of daily life that has not been influenced by AI.

In fact, today it is likely that when you apply for a job, AI will also be involved in the process. Many companies — from Allstate to Hilton to Five Guys Burgers and Fries — are using AI to help recruiters and hiring manager screen, review and interview job candidates.

“The life of an applicant can and has dramatically changed as of late, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and the increased comfort of chat as a communication standard,” says Ankit Somani, co-founder of AllyO, an end-to-end AI recruiter. “With AllyO, employers create a fast-track application experience, which is available on all smartphone-friendly communication channels. This means that now, when applicants encounter job posts on online job boards for companies that use AllyO’s technology, they are encouraged to apply to the position by simply texting a number or starting a chat on the company website. Within a few minutes of an immersive and entirely automated conversation, AllyO helps applicants find the right job that fits their needs and abilities; screens them specifically for that role; assesses their skills via text, video and/or audio assessments; then immediately schedules them for the next available interview.”

Recruiters are using tools like AllyO, TextRecruit and Montage to text with candidates, schedule and execute on-demand videos, and self-scheduling. Candidates can complete interviews on their own time with these AI tools and chatbots can make scheduling and follow up questions much easier. So long, application black hole. Goodbye, weeks of wait time.

“[The] technology remains available 24/7 for any open-ended questions, while also continuing to guide applicants through the hiring process,” adds Somani. “This unique, end-to-end experience -- available at applicant's fingertips -- is making recruiting more accessible and user-friendly than ever before.”

If you’re applying to a new job in 2019, get ready to interact with AI. No, the robots are not taking over. They are, however, making getting hired much easier and efficient. Here are a handful of top companies using AI to hire in 2019. Apply to their open roles today!

AI Details: With the goal of delivering a top-notch candidate experience and automating recruiters’ basic tasks, Hilton uses AllyO to navigate the thousands of applications it receives a day. As an example, Hilton uses AI to conduct follow-up interviews of call center job applicants, scheduling the successful candidates’ final offer-extension calls.
Open Roles: Front Office Manager, Barista, Bellperson, Executive Chef, General Manager, Complex Event Services Manager, Security Officer, Night Auditor, Janitor, Analyst, Engineer, Lead Cloud Security Engineer, Associate Software Engineer & more.
What Interviewees Say: “There was first a video interview with 3 - 4 questions. if you pass that then you move on to face to face interviews. Both interviews are with the person who will be your manager and another manager.” —Catering Assistant Candidate

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AI Details: Facing high turnover rates and slow email responses, ThredUp decided to try TextRecruit to reach younger hourly workers to recruit them. They now use mass SMS text messaging and message templates through Text Recruit to hire 100-200 new people per month. ThredUp liked texting candidates so much, they also have begun using AI to do everything from scheduling a phone screen to providing new hires with directions for their first day on site. “Our ability to reach candidates in real time through text messaging has not only decreased our time-to-hire but has allowed us to increase the accessibility between recruiters and candidates throughout the interview process,” says Natalie Breece, Director of Talent Acquisition for ThredUp.
Open Roles: Director of Search, Android Engineer, Operations Analyst, Customer Support Representative, Machine Learning Engineer, Assistant Merchandiser, Clothing Warehouse Associate, Distribution Team Lead & more.
What Interviewees Say: “After you apply they contact you via text message to set up an interview. The interviews are group interview and they have specific days/times that they do them. You arrive and they have you sign in, once you have finished signing in and everyone is there they will have you all introduce yourselves. After introductions they take you on a tour of the facility. They take you up for the group interview, ask you four questions, and then ask if you have any questions. Following this they will take around 24 hours to email you to let you know if you have been accepted.” —Warehouse Associate Candidate

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AI Details: Humana introduced on-demand video and voice interviewing as a screening tool, as opposed to live recruiter phone screens that can lead to games of phone tag. Rather than schedule phone interviews with applicants who passed Humana’s initial screening questionnaire, candidate now automatically receive an invite to complete an on-demand video interview or voice interview. “From a candidate experience perspective, that’s a huge win,” said the Talent Acquisition Director for Humana. “I go through the process in a matter of days, I speak to everyone involved, I know the next day whether I have an offer or not, and I haven’t left my house.”
Open Roles: Senior Process Improvement Professional, Commercial Market Development Administrative Professional, Proposal Manager, Administrative Assistant, RN Care Manager, Director of Clinical Care, Pharmacy Analytics, Engagement Specialist, Senior IT Compliance Professional & more.
What Interviewees Say: “Received a text message stating they've reviewed my background and feel I may be a good fit for the position and asking if I had a few minutes to answer some questions. I thought this 2nd screening was pretty cool because you just text back and forth. It asked pretty straightforward questions like, "Have you ever worked for Humana or one of it's affiliates?", "Why are you looking for part-time work?" (for this they're looking to make sure they won't lose you or that you're just working there until you can find a full-time position) and "What is the best part of customer service?” —Pharmacy Customer Care Specialist Candidate

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries
AI Details: “In early 2017, we rolled out AllyO’s end-to-end A.I. recruiting software to help engage, qualify, and schedule candidates for our restaurants across Arkansas and Tennessee. Today, we can standby on auto-pilot as qualified, interested applicants walk in for interviews when managers are available,” says Sivan Aballi, Director of Operations for Five Guys.
Open Roles: General Manager, Crew Member, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Shift Supervisor & more.
What Interviewees Say: “On the spot interview with a very quick hiring process. Questions were very simple and easy to answer with a length of about 10 minutes. I was working the week after I was interviewed. It was a good experience with a short interview process.” —Cashier Candidate

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Open Roles: Client Solutions Executive, B2B Sales Development Program, Senior Data Scientist, Sales Executive, Customer Service Representative Sales, Data Network Engineer, Principal Architect, Finance Internship & more.
What Interviewees Say: “Applied online, took 2 assessment tests, scheduled RJP via website, RJP & face to face interview, contacted with conditional offer and background consent/drug testing info, hireright contacted me regarding w-2 for 3 employers. Once drug test/background came back I was contacted with final offer via email and phone call. Offered top pay...couldnt ask for a smoother process.” —Wire Technician Candidate

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Open Roles: Insurance Sales Professional, Sales Associate, Senior Trial Attorney, Financial Specialist, Marketing Designer, Business Information Security Officer, Senior Product Manager, Field Sales Leader, UX Researcher & more.
What Interviewees Say: “Phone interview then in person interview. Then you have to get licensed if you accept. Once licensed then you go through the company’s training. Training involves courses and video conferencing.” —Agent Candidate

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Procter & Gamble
Open Roles: Plant Technician, Design Co-Op, Purchases Manager, Quality Assurance Internship, Sales Account Manager, IT Associate Data and Analytics Manager, HR Internship, Warehouse Driver, Oral Care Account Manager & more.
What Interviewees Say: “Their hiring process is up on their website. Straightforward but def designed to get the best of the best. 3 tests (online and on site) before they consider you to be interviewed. For the interviews, be confident (not cocky!) and prepare. I had 3 rounds (HR, Senior Manager, Director). Was offered, but didn't take it.” —Key Account Manager Candidate

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Open Roles: Manager of Product Management, Synthetic Data Product Manager, Scrum Master, Visual Designer, Lead UX Writer, Cafe Ambassador, Director of Software Engineering, Voice Data Scientist & more.
What Interviewees Say: “Best interview experience from recruiting screening all the way up-to relocation and on-boarding. The entire co-ordination of recruiting, interviewing, offer, relocation and on-boarding exceeded expectations. Very welcoming, treated with respect, interview travel needs and scheduling was very smooth.” —Director Candidate

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